Tuesday, September 6, 2016


THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!!! I am alive and well here in Dalton
Georgia!!!!! Look it up, beautiful gorgeous little town embedded in
the south, mostly Latinos and white trash out here but ayyyy!!!! This
place is the "Carpet Capitol of the World" and literally makes over
85% of the worlds carpentry!!! It is absolutely kinda weird. But hey
it's fine. The humidity is chill as well!! Mainly because we have a
car, really nice apartment, cell phones, iPads.....yeah life is so
tough haha. Anyways I have the opportunity of serving here in the
Rocky Face Area in the Chattanooga Zone!! It's the furthest southern
area in the mission so starting off strong!!!

My companions name is Elder Mitchell! He has been out in the field for
over a year now and is from Portland Oregon! He is taller than me
which is awesome, and also we are complete opposites which I love. He
is a quieter, reserved yet really chill guy who is a great missionary
and optimistic person! Really grateful to be with him! He also went to
college for a year like I did which is nice! We are getting along
really well!

So leaving Mexico City was pretty crazy. Everything was happening so
fast and all of the sudden I was in Knoxville where I was so
incredibly happy to be able to eat the food with have indigestion
catastrophes!!!👍🏻 spent the night at the mission presidents home who
is an amazing guy who has the coolest wife. There names are President
Griffin and Sister Griffin!! Coolest people! The next day we had some
training then were assigned our trainers and areas!!! Took right off!
I had Chick Fil A for my first American meal so I was stoked about

Anyways we jumped right into it and honestly I am super comfortable
with talking in Spanish and having conversations! The first day we
were already teaching in Spanish and meeting a ton of new people.! So
now I wanna talk about the people. The people here are pretty nice,
but also super stubborn and work a ton. It is tough to catch people
consistently at home and appointments fall through a lot, but we keep
a good attitude about all of that! Right now we have one man named Eddy
Ortiz set up for a baptismal date as well as about 5-6 pretty strong
investigators with dates! The ward here is very small, and has
probably over a 65% inactivity rate! So there is a ton of potential in
this area and I'm super thankful to have the opportunity to progress
this area. I know the Lord will provide success to us as long as we
are obedient and work as hard and efficiently and effectively as

I just wanna end this week with a solemn testimony that I know my
Savior Lives. I know that through the Atonement it is possible that we
can progress in this life! I lean on him every single day and I will
continue to do so for the rest of my life! I love this gospel and I
promise I am going to give it my all out here! I can already see how
the mission is going to change my life for the better! And it is my
sincere desire to bring others unto the knowledge and happiness that I
get to experience! I would not want to be anywhere else right now.
This work is marvelous.

Just a heads up: I have an IPad so y'all can email me whenever you
want during the week and I may be able to read them but I cannot
respond till Monday's!!! Thanks so much for the support! I love all of

Address: 1403 Mack Street, Apt. A, Dalton, GA 30720

Adios and have the best week!!!

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