I cannot believe I am on my last week of my time serving as a full-time missionary for the Lord. I know this work is true!!! One of the best weeks of my mission by far. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to end my mission in Hendersonville NC! The people here are amazing and have blessed my life immensely. 

I want to talk about a few specific events for the week. 

Departing Interview: as missionaries we are interviewed by our mission Preisdent once every 6 weeks. We talk with Pickett about how we are doing and what we can do etc etc. This week was my final interview and I cannot express how much I have grown to love the Pickett Family. President is one of my bros. That is how we have been and always will be. We talked a lot about my previous life before the mission, and how much I have changed. My desires as a human being have changed from glory seeking, to glory giving. My heart has been softened to see God’s children how they really are. My mind has been made clear. My sins have been forgiven. I am a new man with the same personality. We talked for about an hour and all was fine, and then he read me the Temple Recommend Questions that had been read to me 2 years prior by Stake President Whimpey. It was impossible to hold back tears of joy as I was able to answer those questions with a clear of conscience and honest “yes”. Yes! It was the first time in my life when I had answered those questions with a full heart of conviction and integrity! All I care about is being right with the Lord. 

Split w/ President Pickett: right after interviews I was able to spend a few more hours with President Pickett to go visit our baptismal candidates, Barbara and Molt! I have never taught a lesson with my mission president before, and this was an experience I will never forget! It was so cool looking to my side (expecting my companion) and seeing President there testifying. I felt like I was with the prophet Alma, and I was his Amulek. Right after the lesson we all rejoiced and hugged and took a picture. As we were walking out, I was a Hispanic crossing in front of us carrying his groceries. I called out , “Hermano!!!” And we started talking. President Pickett tried to speak some Spanish hahahaha so classic. It turns out that this man named Jose already had a ton of friends in our church and had been several times! It was so cool and he was interested in learning about the church! I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and I know if we follow the promptings given the Lord will bless us. We drove together for awhile and just talked about la vida loca. He took us out to dinner at a Mexican joint and then we had Stake Correlation! 

Stake Correlation: is when we meet with Stake President Vann to discuss the needs to the missionary work here in Asheville. Preisdent Vann has been one of the greatest Priesthood homer examples to me on my mission. He is actually a dentist from Mesa, AZ!!! He was called by President Nelson to accept the calling out here. We worked hard all transfer to diagnose the needs of each unit and to present it in this meeting! It went really really well and I feel as if I have done all I could to help this zone progress. New leaders will continue to keep it up! V

Baptism of Barbara and Molt: So I will tell the story of Barbara Burrell and Molt Edwards! Barbara was found like more than 6 months ago and had been taught for awhile, however, no one had really taught her too seriously and so we visited her and committed her to a Baptismal date a month ago. She is about as Southern as you can get. Super thick accent, no teeth, lives in a trailer park. Barbara is the best person you will ever meet in your life. She has the most faith I have ever seen, and charity is embedded in her soul. She would give you the clothes of her back even though she doesn’t have any. She runs an unofficial foster home where she takes in kids that do not have support of parents. Her husband Molt, who is also 61. we started teaching him about a month ago. Even though he cannot speak normally nor understand normally, we learned some sign language and also spoke more slowly so he could read our lips! They were baptized this Saturday and I had the opportunity to speak at their baptism and also Baptize Barbara Burrell! Such an awesome experience!

We are having another baptism this weekend for a young boy named Nicholas Martin who is have American and half Micronesian!!! I love you all!!! The GRIND!!!

Elder Mac

1-3: baptism posin
4: Mi hijo Lopez from Lebanon 
5-6: split with Pickett 
7-8: Sharp and Sisters Jensen and Erickson
9: gettin ready for the beach like
10: President Vann
11: Elder Cox