Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Wellllllllll New adventure for me this week. First time as a District
Leader and also met my new Greenie!!!! Elder Fausett from Harriman,
Utah! He is the first missionary out from his family! He is 18 years
old and went to Snow College before the mission for one semester. He's
stoked to be a missionary and I'm glad to be able to serve and give
him his first taste of the mission life! I'll be training him for the
next 12 Weeks.

Monday:  Transfer Calls. Elder Sanders got sent to Maryville as DL and
I got called as a DL/Trainer. Knew it was coming but still sucks I got
so little time with my homie Sanders. Another thing, one of the Elders
in my District is going home because he tore some ligaments in his
knee. Was out for 21 months. Bummer.. for our last PDAY though we
played a ton of pick up basketball. Sandy and I went off on some
locals here. Got that Sports Clips MVP for the first time in months.
Fell asleep in the salon chair hahaha.

Tuesday: Happy Valentine's Day!!! Momma thanks for the cookies tho:)
Ward members spoiled is today too since Valentines Day is a
missionary's favorite day......sike.....Built a House today with
Habitat for Humanity!! We got all of the foundations laid in as well
as the walls and roofing! Took hours and got some good experience out
of that. Kobe Pile hire me bro!

Wednesday: Transfers. Peace Sandy Boi. Elder Fausett waz up. Funny
thing about Fausett is he's basically already a Southerner. He's got
the accent and everything. I didn't take it easy with him either. We
jumped into a full day of talking to dozens of people and going from
street to street. Good thing was is I took the first few doors to give
him a visual about talking to others missionary style and then he gave
it a GO! He'll continue to grow and grow and I work his socks off
hahaha. He has a desire to be obedient which is all I can ask for.

Thursday: My first District Meeting. Primarily I wanted to set goals
for the District so we set 3 absolutely Solid Goals with 4-5 plans to
back each one of them up. I have been feeling that all of these areas
that we are in are DROOPING with potential and I testified of that.
Even some of them said they weren't sure about attaining these goals
but I know we can. Asked them also to make their own personal 4th Goal
pertaining to obedience after providing s training on that. We are off
to a good start. Have a lot of great guys in our District who want to
work. Spent the day in Wartburg and had a dinner with a less active
family named the Medoviches. Single mom and daughter. We shared the
talk "Behold Thy Mother" by Elder Holland which I actually saw live
last year at conference! Give it a watch.

Friday: Member Visits. All day every day. Took Elder Fausett to meet a
lot of the members of the ward out here! Each of them we visited we
had fantastic discussions and shared with them our favorite scriptures
from the Book of Mormon. After which we would leave them with copies
of the BOM for them to write their testimonies in so we can give it to
investigators! We visited probably 7-8 different families and asked
them to do so and if there were people they had in mind we could
visit. Hope we can get some referrals soon:) talked to s lot of the
youth here about missions to get them HYPED.

Saturday: Well today was definitely the best day of the week!! We had
an unreal service activity with volunteering at an international
festival held in the Children's Museum! There were performances, food,
and tons of people there!! It was nuts!!! And my best friends family
the Woodburns came to visit us and take us out to lunch (got
permission)!!! Went to Big Ed's Pizza and enjoyed some familiar
company:) good to see them and to talk about the blessings of the
gospel and life in general! Ward Activity Chili Night to top it off!!!

Sunday: Spiritual experience of the Week: I was sitting in Sacrament
with Brother McPeak, this Elderly guy on oxygen, in the front row and
was thinking about my most powerful experience of prayer. And I
remember teaching that guy named Blas in Rocky Face before he went to
prison and when we prayed together and he asked God forgiveness. And
in Gospel Principles we taught the Restoration to Sister Ming who we
are re-activating! Used that experience to talk about prayer and it's
power and I could feel the Spirit so strongly as could everyone else.
Just a little remind of the power of prayer. We also met this family
named the Tate Family!!!! We taught them the Restoration and Mr. Tate
opened up to us about his violent past and tragedies that have
happened in their lives! We set a baptismal date with them for March

Not too much action this week! Still just grindin and getting to know
the area and the members!!:) good things are coming for this area and
District!!!! Peace and blessings to all of y'all ❤🙏🏼

Elder Mac

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Coolest thing of this week was the fact I was in a Oak Ridge during
some monumental history. At some laboratory here they discovered a new
ELEMENT called Tennessine. Straight into the Periodic table and stuff
so that was really cool. The Flu epidemic has hit all of Eastern
Tennessee (got my flu shot so I'm chillin) but it got to the point
where all the schools out here were shut down!!! Thanks for the
Valentines Day cookies momma you're all I need ❤ PDAY got that sports
clips cut and hit the REC Center!

Tuesday: we had a classic lesson with these there high school brothers
named Drew, Darion, and Devin. It lasted for about 2 and half hours
and they made us so much food, asked us endless questions, and much
much more lol. Safe to say we made way too many Snapchat and Instagram
posts hahaha

Wednesday: spent the day up in Wartburg (don't pay attention to the
name) trying to find members and less Actives to see if they still
exist. Had some minor success in doing so, however; the most fun was
just being out there. We did some back country off reading in the
Corolla (even got stuck in the mud on a hill hahaha) and drove in the
most gorgeous Southern areas I've been in so far. The Appalachians are
unbelievable and trekked into some waterfalls!

Thursday: so many awesome moments today!! Lots of service. Habitat for
Humanity, helped build a house, and lifted this old dude from his bed
down the stairs into his car so that was really rewarding:) Our best
investigators right now are Josh and John Phillips. They are the
family members for the Phillips family. Literally sat down with them
for almost 3 1/2 hours answering questions and showing materials as
well as teaching. I will update more on the, next week but they are
what we call "gold".

Friday:  Family History happens to be one of the most common hobbies
in the world! Our church has also the largest ancestry website in the
world, familysearch.org! We have pass along cards for it and today we
ran into a nice Jewish family whom weren't interested at all; and then
the impression came that we should introduce family history to them.
They went from not being interested to LIGHTING UP and setting an
appointment with us!

Saturday: REAL Southern Service!! Cut down some trees and did some
land clearing with some members. Also ate straight up authentic honey
from a beehive which was unbelievable! The family whom we did service
for are named the Flakes (ancestors founded Snowflake, AZ)! We really
hit the books hard today to try and get out and find less-Actives and
members on the roster in Oliver Springs! So much work to do.

Sunday: Every Sunday so far we have had at least one less active
member come back! Today was Qin Ming! Native from China who is
learning English still so it is super fun to teach her! Success
stories this week there were many! Most of them came from us just
meeting more and more members. We are trying hard to contact part
member families and those young ones who haven't been baptized yet!
It's a grind in progress and a really awesome time.

Scripture of the Week: Alma 12:9-11

Ladies and gents this is the work of angels 😇 I'm pretty happy where
I am at! So much work to do here:) love you all and Happy Valentine's

Elder Mac

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