Sunday, December 17, 2017


Title this week is a huge shout out to my favorite Christmas song in the world: All Alone on Christmas by Darlene Love which is in the movie Home Alone 2! Classic. 

IT SNOWED!!! Hahahaha yes. White Christmas! Got some awesome footage! JERRY OF THE DAY!! Snowball fights for days! 

This week was nuts. My boy Elder Martinez went home to Gilbert AZ this week so that was really weird. We had a Zone PDAY last week to celebrate his passing. ‘‘Twas awesome and this Zone is unreal. There’s a pic of that PDAY! 

So...I got sick for the first time on my mission (like bed ridden) and that totally sucked but I was back in action the next day! It was funny because I ran into one of the members from Oak Ridge in Walmart, Brother Phillips!! That was so fun. He is a cop so we got to ride in his car. Took us to a German restaurant downtown! 

Thursday was honestly one of the best nights this week because of two back to back set up lessons we had with Angela, one of our progressing investigators; and also with Haven Kindle who is this super awesome high school girl who is friends with some members. We taught about temples and the law of chastity to Angela and I loved her remarks about how “if it is not God’s way it will never work out as it could or should”. Powerful stuff (Get Smart). Her date will be pushed back to January mainly because of the holidays, but she is on tract for sure! We taught Haven the Restoration which was so powerful for her! You never know how high schoolers out here will take it but she loved it! We’re so stoked for her! More updates later! Teaching Edna about the temple this week aka temple bound soon! By the way we’ve gotten so much good potential 

I’ll be honest we’ve just been having a ton of fun lately hahaha. The work is progressing and Light the World is pretty sweet! It’s the greatest excuse ever to talk to people: “HEY DO U WANT A CHRISTMAS CARD!?”

Here’s some enjoyable pictures Keep lighting the world Familia!! Les amo love y’all 

Ciao Pescao y Murry Christmas 

Elder Mac 

1. District 
2. Crocs 
3. 🕊
4-6: snow tho
7: when u get to a lesson and your investigator is passed out 
8. “Blue liquid crack” 
9. The zone
10. Bro Phillips 

Monday, December 11, 2017


I feel like once again the weeks are like days and the days are like weeks! Time is flying and miracles are happening!!! 

We had transfer calls this week and Elder Frederick and I wil be staying here in JC!!! We are so stoked! Elder Detiege (my Mexico MTC comp who went home) is going to be in my district!!!! 

We had a baptism this weekend for Edna Omigie! She truly is a miracle in my life and has been so prepared by the Lord to receive the Restored Gospel! She was so happy! We got to be witnesses and when she came out of the water she was crying! Her husband Oduwa got to baptize her! So special! The Spirit was so strong! 

We had our PDAY here in Kingsport with the entire Zone!!! It has been a party! We still have Angela on date for the 23rd and we have so many more promising investigators! I love you all! 

Keep doing Light the World!! 

Elder Mac 

1. WWII Vet (love these guys) 
2-3. Christmas time with the bros 
4. Edna :))) 
5. Edna and Oduwa 
6. ETSU 


Monday, December 4, 2017



This week was so exhausting I am currently half asleep writing this. We did probably one of the hardest workouts of my life today with Jake the Snake! The guy is nuts. A workout called “Servais”. Took like 2 hours it was so hard. Anyways I hope y’all had an amazing week full of food, family, and friends. Because that is what we got 🙏🏼 

I am so thankful to be a missionary for the Lord here in this area! There is no easy day out here and that is what I signed up for:) It has been a solid week of reflection and gratitude. 

For thanksgiving we have breakfast at Jake Vela’s house and then had a hardcore workout....first time I had squatted using a real rack my entire mission....dowww. I started to write down a list of some of the wonderful experiences I had preceding my mission that I was grateful for. That was sweet. We had two dinners this night and by the 2nd one we were completely full and took a mountain load of food home.... 

Two power up exchanges this week! I reunited with my boy Elder Lovell! He was in Lebanon with me and came over to this zone alongside me. We went to the mall on Black Friday and talked to people. It was insane...shoulder to shoulder walking alongside others. We taught Edna!! 

Edna is on the way to be baptized this Saturday and then after we are having a ward Christmas feast! So stoked

Went on another exchange with Elder Odette from good ole UT. It is pretty cool to see how others do there missionary work. 

I am so fried right now. Like, my forearms are on fire as I type. But hey I left the state of Tennessee for the first time yesterday! Virginia was chill. 

LIGHT THE WORLD INITIATIVE! Check it out on! It is legit. 

Love y'all/ les amo muchísimo 

Elder Mac


Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Wow...seems like yesterday I was in Dalton! Thanksgiving is already here and the weeks are flying by! There is so much to be grateful for from this week. I will keep this one brief but everything is going really well!!! We have had a great week. We weren�ft able to do as much finding as we had hoped...just a lot of craziness. Here�fs some highlights and quick pictures!

One really cool service activity we do in JC is we sing to all the people in the nursing homes weekly! It is really fun, and everyone gets into it. We were doing the hokie pokie at one point haha...Rocky Top...classics! 

Super sweet lesson with Angela on the word of wisdom. She at first struggled with the idea of giving up coffee but she committed to abstain for 10 days by using Revelations 2:10! She is doing really well! 

Wednesday we got to go on Power Ups with Elder Love and Elder Ney (one of my sons)! It was a blast. We went with  Elder Love for a bit and all the boyzzz met up at Buffalo Wild Wings for some greatness. We proceeded to go have some fun down in JC Downtown talking to people outside. We found a long lost member who proceeded to add me on Facebook, clutch. 

Edna is still doing really well! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she told us Dec. 2 is prime for her still! We are really excited! 

There�fs a really famous member here named Jake the Snake. He is so jacked it is unreal. He is famous for feeding and working out with missionaries. He basically enjoys seeing us in pain hahaha. We ate sticky rice and Samoan food with him and I always threw up from eating so much! 

There was a turkey shoot out in the boonies we went to! And also spoke to like 50 little kids about why missions are so cool! People here are very kind and offer a lot of help towards us it is very chil. 

Elder Frederick and I went to a Thanksgiving Dinner with one of our investigators last night. Haley, the investigator, is actually a minister for a college ministry. So there were a lot of kids my age. We grubbed, laughed, and had a powerful moment of sharing what we are most thankful for. I said I was most thankful for repentance; greatest gift of all time!


Les amo love yall ciao 


Sunday, November 12, 2017

I have a Sister!!!!

I have A Sister!!!

Just wanted to write quick note about the importance of family: 

�gThe family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.�h

I know that as we Cherish our families we will be most happy in this life. I am grateful yall are my family:) Because eternal happiness lies in eternal things! 

Elder Mac 


The Great TKM

WOOOOOOOOOOO:) I just looked at Elder Frederick and said “wow...this week was unreal!” 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

If any of you haven’t figured out already that yes...I’m still in the mission field....and no I haven’t gone home....because our mission has been authorized to use Facebook!! I’ll be honest I’ve been expecting this day for over a year but hey it’s finally here and it is kinda weird but awesome at the same time. It can help us stay in contact with the people here in Tennessee! So if y’all ever need some Jesus loving add me familia! And yes mom you can comment on my stuff haha

Some missionary shout outs to Jake Bench and Zach Ward heading down to speak some español! Love you two! 

Zone Leader is tranquilo (chill). We are giving a training in front of two zones this week so Oren para nosotros🙏🏼

We had MLC this week which is where all the leaders of the mission meet up! I got to see a lot of good friends and catch up with others! Here we were introduced to Facebook and how we could utilize it as a mission! It was an exciting training and we have already incorporated it as a Zone! We have a fun group message we use to publish success stories. It is a great way to keep in contact with recent converts and friends. We also got a brief intake on the Christmas Initiative this year which is the same as last years but a new video! #LightTheWorld #getstoked

Had some really great experiences with following the Spirit this week. There was this dude named Toby who came outside while we were knocking a door and I waved at him but he signified to me that he wasn’t interested but someone started talking about Madden 18 behind him so of course I started talking to him about football and we ended up having a45 minute discussion on the Restoration. Another one was when we were going to an appt and the lady wasn’t home but her sister was. Her sister, Janet, told us that she had been praying for a Bible and before we left I had just so happened to have grabbed a Bible and was carrying it in my hands (I never do that)! She accepted a Book of Mormon as well! Another fantastic experience was on Sunday when we were in the foyer during Sacrament Meeting and I cannot introduced myself to her. She sat down next to me as we waited reverently and I felt the impression to take out a pass-along card and write down my favorite Book of Mormon chapters (Mosiah 2-5). I asked her if she read much and she said a little bit. So I gave her the card and thought nothing more of it. Turns out that this same woman got up to bare her testimony and told us how she had been searching for answers to a question regarding a huge life change. And she told everyone that I had handed her the card and within the first couple verses of reading Mosiah 2 she had received her answer. I’m so grateful to have been an instrument in the Lord’s hands. 

Right now we have 3 people in Date: Donna and Cheyenne Kelly (Dec 31); Edna Omigie (Dec 2) and we are looking to set 2 more baptismal dates this week with a young girl named Maria Canini (speaks español 🙃) and Angela Soumastre (Girlfriend of a member) . The work is awesome here! Pray for us to find those who are prepared! 

Oh yea and Halloween was kinda cool. Carved a mini pumpkin and had to be in by 6 PM ugh. Some investigator thought it was funny to show me the IT movie trailer....”Hey Georgie” 👻

I’ve been eating a lot of Liberian food also hahaha some really cool investigators that are going to teach me how to cook and speak Bandi..:) 

Some guy asked me to bear my testimony. Btw that’s a big thing in the South. People will literally ASK US TO bear our testimonies. I cried. It was spiritual. Yea. 

One thing that was a problem her last transfer was member trust. However, Elder Frederick and I have completely reestablished that. SO many referrals. We will try our best to have the Spirit with us so we can help these people come unto Christ. I love the members here. Especially the youth! 

If any of y’all didn’t know my older bro Alex Mac just got ENGAGED to a beautiful girl named Madi Kimzey from Washington. Someone give that boy a hug for me! Congrats bro 😊

I’d like to just express my thoughts in the importance of charity by reciting 1 Corinthians 13: 

1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

We need charity familia. We need to be filled with this love. I feel so much happier:) 

Love you all, les amo con todo mi corazón ciao ciao I’ll be down yonder in the Lord’s Vineyard! 

Elder Mac 

1-2: MLC
3: IT 
4-5: Old Facebook Profile Fotos hahahaha 
6: the field is whiteee
7: Captain CTR presenting us as heroes 
8: 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼