Sunday, September 10, 2017


Prayers to the fam out in Houston and all my missionary friends!! Hope y'all are all safe. The Hispanics here all have family out in Texas so we have been saying a lot of prayers with families here affected by the storm! Familia it has been a pretty fun week here in Lebanon. Elder Ney and I are just doing all we can to work with the potential we have. Good stories out here. We got slammed by rain 

Javier Francisco Rico: this dude. Referral from the Sisters out in Cookeville! So since we cover the whole stake we drove and hour a a half out to Monterey Tennessee to go teach him! Supposedly he wanted to be baptized after watching the Restoration DVD so we went over and did just that. We asked him what his expectations are and he was super sincere! He lives alone and is also looking to start a family! We set a baptismal date with him for September 30! 

Sheccid y Zahred Xiquin: ahhh yes. They are great. After giving their family a church tour last week and coming to church we had a lesson with them in the chapel! It went pretty well. The girls are super shy and have had a lot of trials so we are still working on trying to get them comfortable. We taught them the Restoration and showed them the DVD. Ended up putting them on date for September 17! Not super firm but hey we will keep helping this beautiful family:) 

Ivey Villanueva: literally spent 3 hours and her place and had a great time. Even had members of the Relief Society come with us! Friday is when the weather got really bad haha...but anyways long story short we were hopeful their family would come back to church this weekend but they ended up going "flojo" again. Aka didn't show. But hey we'll keep it rollin

The Good Samaritan: actually bore my testimony on this story this week. But we were biking late Thursday night out in the streets haciendo la obra de Señor. We received a few calls from the other companionships in our district that a rain storm was coming in (Harvey's leftovers)....but we continued to press on and work while we could! Eventually we decided to head back and it was lightly sprinkling. However as we were turning onto the main highway heading towards our apartment, I ran over a nail and yeppppp there goes my tire. By then it was POURING rain. So Elder Ney and I just shrugged and happily walked home waving at passing cars and enjoying getting soaked. It felt so good not going to lie. We walked for about 20 minutes until this guy, who had previously passed us in his sedan and went home to get his truck; came to our rescue and loaded up our bikes and took us home! We got to talk to him about the Gospel on the way and I believe we made a good impression. Anyways, that gave me hope for the world:) 

Church:  Miriam and the whole Xiquin family came:) Esther y Raul as well came! One fantastic thing is the Hispanics always have a "Break the Fast" on Fast Sundays so basically we just eat a ton!

Also, we are meeting with ANOTHER lost sheep. Joana Ortez is the daughter of a less active named Vilma. And Vilma's sister has been investigating the church forever. But we had a pretty good appointment with them last night:) stoked for that. 

Im sitting here just grateful to be here. I will find out on Saturday if I'm finishing Elder Nay's training or not! Stay. HAPPY LABOR DAY TRABAJADORES GUAPOS Y GUAPAS 

Elder Mac 

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Sunday, September 3, 2017


Life is Good. This week was so great I just love writing these weeklies because it is another wonderful opportunity for me to count my blessings and literally name them one by one. We have had some slow days, fast days, miracles, and failures! The whole cycle baby. New announcement are member meal rule for changed so that was nice:) the work is moving along here in Leb. It has probably been the best time here in over a year missionary work wise.

New Missionary Orientation: so every missionary has to go to this so Elder Ney and I along with two other elders took off to Knoxville for this meeting. This is like the 4th time I've been to one of these meetings but every time I go it is a nice refresher! Best part was seeing friends and people I've served with! 

College: is back. We've definitely noticed a change. Cumberland University is right next to where we live! It is nice to see people my age and to talk to them about the church and their views! Also, the amount of times we get insulted or yelled at through a car window has increased dramatically hahaha. Had some guy tell us the other day we are going to hell lol roasted him. I hope y'all all will stay safe with school back in session! 

Eclipse: absolutely unreal. Pretty sure central Tennessee had the best view point in the world. We went to a members house out in the boonies and ate some bomb Texas Brisket and a ton more and enjoyed the view! It was absolutely insane. Never have seen anything like it!!! Best PDAY 

Miracle: so this week we gave Miriam Xiquin and her 3 daughters a tour of the church! Great:) we even invited the two daughters who haven't been baptized to do so. Hesitant (they're shy) but their Momma seems up for it:) absolutely love their family....but here's more. They all came to church on Sunday! It was the first time they've been back in years! They loved it and stayed for 2 hours...but here's the catch...while they were at church they got ROBBED!! 2 televisions, tablets, and $3,000 worth of Jewelry was gone all while they were at church! I couldn't believe it....but I instantly knew that the Adversary is working so diligently against this family so they can't have the blessings of the Restored Gospel...we went over with our Branch President Ueki and all the girls still had smiles on their faces and President comforted the Mom and we all were super positive! I was so impressed! After talking with them and having a bit of fun, we all went to dinner at President's house together and Miriam was really longing for a "wonderful message", so I promised her our best. We shared the "Mountains to Climb" Mormon message and talked about even the easy and hard times we can find joy as long as we rely upon Christ to help us overcome our challenges. They went home with happy hearts. Also secured their house haha. 

Ramon Rodriguez: did a mini exchange on Saturday. Elder Hess came with me to this lesson. My older brother Alex gave me this Plan of Salvation template to help teach and and we used just that! Elder Hess doesn't know Spanish so I taught half the lesson and then translated everything Elder Hess was saying! Ramon is a stud, I'm excited for him....he didn't come to church when he committed though so keep him in your prayers🙏🏼 Hess also wrecked on his bike in the middle of the rode and like destroyed his wrist pray for the man. 

Training: is tough and extremely important. Trying to set the tone for someone else's mission. I'm learning so much about myself and about how to be patient and a Christ-like person. It's been a bit difficult to gauge Elder Ney's progression especially because he cannot speak Spanish. Learning bit by bit. I'm going to focus more upon how I can get him more involved. Usually I just translate during lessons. There's just very little time to teach him the language. We are doing well though. 

Wilson County Fair: the biggest fair in Tennessee year round right here in Lebanon! 5 minutes down the road from us and right next to our church building! We went with La Familia Diaz on Friday night! It was a blast!! We went on a few rides with them and ate some FRIED OREOS! Dowww! I've never seen so many people on my mission and the amount of people who said "Mormons!" was exponentially high hahaha. 

Personal Study: One thing that always comes up is what is in the Book of Mormon that isn't in the Bible? I mean Gospel teachings wise. One thing that stood out to be is the Book of Mormon more deeply and clearing outlines the importance and gift of the Atonement. It gives is better instructions of how to come unto Christ and develop a more meaningful relationship with him! Love the Bible and the BOM! 
Good week. Hoping, praying, and fasting for the Lord to keep our success flowing. There's much to be done. We need to find more new investigators as well that are truly seeking for the truth! 

Les Amo love yunz Ciao

Elder Mac 

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11: swung on this and it eventually broke....supposedly was there for 20 years hahaha


Thursday, August 24, 2017


Life is good folks! I hope everyone is enjoying life in your own cool
way. August in AZ sucks! Endure to the end (of summer) hahaha. I don't
know if y'all have heard but there's this Eclipse thing happening
today throughout the whole country and it just so happens that middle
Tennessee is the best place in the entire world to be to view it!!! So
I'm stoked not going to lie! Not a crazy amount of things happened so
I'll keep this one brief:) shout out to my cousin Elijah Wade for
finishing his mission from El Salvador! All our investigators are
Salvadoreños so I'll keep it going! Cool things:

Zone Conference: So good. So many spiritual punches to the face, and
also things that edified me and others. The main focus/objective was
for us to become a "White Handbook mission". In other words, raising
our level of obedience. President Pickett created A conference layout
that totally changed the game. The Cookeville Zone (mine) and also the
Chattanooga Zone (my first Zone) all met together in Rockwood,
Tennessee. Woke up at 4:50 AM and drove 2 hours to the chapel. Super
beautiful and elevated. Not going to lie I was exhausted and Red Bull
saved my life! Another amazing focus was upon loving your companion
and having unified districts! I loved this a lot because it gave me
many ideas. Not going to lie President Pickett threw down on the
mission. He said we were an average mission and we always refer to the
mission as the "Great TKM". That was a solid punch to the face but
also definitely needed. It is very easy for a mission culture to leak
in disobedience. He talked about how distractions in life may not
always appear to be bad. For example back home, smart phones are not
necessarily bad themselves but you can allow them to distract you from
more important things in this life. How miracles will we miss if we
let ourselves get distracted or  by being disobedient? Don't miss
those miracles. They are around every corner! I also was given the
random opportunity to bear my testimony in front of two zones for some
reason. Wow, it was hard fighting back tears. I hadn't felt that way
in awhile. I testified of how I know Christ lives and how I've seen
his Atonement change others and me.

Speaking of miracles! We finally got Ivey Villanueva to church! She is
an inactive member that we found (who was not in the records) and she
brought her whole family to church! It became apparent that the
husband didn't really want to stay and Ivey was getting a little
bored.....but.....their KIDS🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🙏🏼 absolutely loved church!!
They didn't want to leave. So they all stayed all 3 hours and it was

This past week was a little muerto pero lo qu pienso es que this week
is going to be unreal! We are going to be diligent and obedient and
all the above (not that we haven't been) but there are always things
we can improve on. From the last Zone Conference, my greenie fire got
a nice ignition. Grateful for that. Being in 1 area for this long can
take a toll but I'm loving the Hispanics and we are having success!!:)
we are making big goals for church Attendance next week! Miriam didn't
get to come because she doesn't like being late. Elder Ney and I are
doing are best to work in unity being Spanish and English Elders and
only teaching Spanish. I've been taking him to English areas as well!

That's all I go for this week! Love yunz Les amo Ciao Pescao

Elder Mac

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8-12: Eclipse Party (more pics coming) Texas Brisket!!



Familia how it goes for all those back yonder Oeste, ustedes parecen
tan triste especialmente con la comienza de escuela jajajaja! This
week was pretty sweet not going to lie. I will give you a money update
on some of the investigators this week and some of the action out here
in the South.

Monserrat Castillo: I might have elaborated on her already but
basically she is an eternigator because her less active boyfriend
(have2 kids) and her won't get married for reasons of the unknown. She
isn't baptized and it is a difficult subject for her because she knows
what she needs to do. We met with her two days this week and we read
with her 2 Nephi 31 and talked to her about the importance of obeying
God's commandments and then she listened to a talk by President Eyring
called "Este Dia". Really trying to help her have the faith to talk
with her boyfriend about making steps towards an eternal family. The
BF has no testimony and so we really want to meet with him and teach.
Prayers all day every day.

Ramon Rodriguez: Honestly this is one of my favorite people I have met
on my mission. Ramon is the nicest most humble hispano Ive met here
and he has a sincere desire to learn about the Gospel and learn
English! He has such a sad story. Back in November his wife had passed
away from cancer and before that she had been previously pregnant for
7 months and lost the baby as well. Sobbing both him and I talked
about are experiences relating to death and the Plan of Salvation. I
am so thankful to know that God's plan for us is to be together after
this life in his presence. That the relationships we build here are
eternal and matter to God. And now he is here with no family working
and sending money back to Mexico. He came to all 3 hours of church and
really loved it. We were teaching him awhile ago but he fell off the
wagon but eventually one of the members he works with reached out to
him and basically set an appointment for us! Miracles baby.

Miriam Nunez: Lost sheep alert!! Elder Ney and I were out contacting
on a street and we peeped across to the other side and saw a few
Hispanic little girls! We went and talked to the family and their was
Miriam (who is the Mother) and we introduced ourselves and she told us
that she is a MEMBER!! Has been inactive for a few years and was
baptized a few years ago. She is in a really tough situation right now
and we are not sure if she is going to stay in town but we went over
last night with our Branch President and we hope that will help. She
is a really nice lady but really needs the faith to take some steps in
life back to te Gospel. Will update more on her later!

Bug Fest: One of the companionships here was helping someone move from
one government project housing to another. The place was absolutely
filthy. I have never been in a hope of that magnitude of sucio. Pero
lo qué pasó es que we were moving furniture in and out and I pulled
off the back on a recliner and I Kidd yall not, the sand storm of bugs
erupted from the furniture. Someone bought us poison and so we went on
a cockroach rampage which I will not lie I felt like I got a Chopper
Gunner in Call of Duty hahaha.

Elder Ney: great guy, still adjusting to mission life, spanish, and a
crazy companion hahaha. I sometimes feel bad for him with the language
barrier but I have been taking him to English areas as well to give
him some experience! I am going to help him speak this language and to
teach the people!

We are still riding bikes:) squad pic next week!

Prophecies in 1 Nephi 13 are unreal. Give it a read. Love y'all y Les Quiero

Elder Mac

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