This week was absolutely nuts out here in Leb Town! Hope everyone is
doing well and getting in those final vacations!! Some crazy changes
happened this week that I'll talk about later. All in all life is
pretty chill right now!

Area: so I just became the oldest missionary in my district being at
just a year out, coming on 13 months! We have two brand new
missionaries as well as 2 others who have been out 6 months or less
and another who has been out about 8 months. So this is the first time
I've had the grandpa feeling in the mission! Also our area became a
"car-share" are so they took away the 2017 Malibu and now we are on
bikes!! I love it! So much fun and getting in shape! I could also
potentially stay her for 6 or 7 and 1/2 months so time is climbing in
my 3rd area!

Trainee: speaking of grandpa, Misión lineage wise I just became one!!
My goodness what is going on hahaha. My new son is named Elder Ney,
from Peoria Arizona!!! He was called as an English Elder and knows
very little Spanish (and we only teach Spanish) and so I have the
challenging responsibilities of running an area district, training,
and teaching Spanish. Lehgo! He is a pretty cool kid and has two
sisters and is the 2nd missionary is his family! I felt bad for him a
first getting called here and speaking another language. It was pretty
rough his first week but we sat down the other day and talked a little
bit mainly because his attitude wasn't in it. Pretty understandable
when you get thrown into a Spanish Branch. I told him some things
which touched his heart and he ended up in tears and kneeling down
with me and asking the Lord for forgiveness for doubting his call.
Pray for me that I may be able to provide him with a marvelous
missionary experience his first couple weeks!

Oscar and Iveth Lopez: One of the most beautiful experiences I've had
on my mission. My companion back in Dalton, Elder Reyes, had baptized
Oscar here in Lebanon over a year ago. His wife Iveth is a return
missionary from Mexico 🇲🇽. They were sealed this Saturday in the
Nashville Temple and my companion and I had the amazing opportunity to
be in the sealing room during this sacred ordinance. It was such an
amazing experience and it was nice to feel the Spirit of the temple
again. That was the first time I've been since the Mexico City temple!

The District: the Sisters are killing it with 5 baptismal dates and us
Elders are still slacking! There's only 3 companionships in the
District but this past week since we had a new companion is each
companionship I gave a training on "How to Love Your Companion". This
week will be an interesting training so stay tuned.

This will be our first normal week of this transfer and we are hoping
to dive in with a lot of faith and hope for some miracles!! Love all
y'all , Les Quiero mucho ciao

Elder Macdonald

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2. Mesa Boi Alston off
3. adios Allen :(
4-9: Templo, new comp, and La Pareja del Año