Sunday, February 5, 2017


Wazzzuppp Familia QUE tal el fin de Semana huh??? Welppp. New Area.
New comp! New people. New language (back to the English folks) so
that's a significant change. I am keeping my Spanish fresh tho. I have
had a really good impression of this area, primarily from the members
and ward leaders. Work-wise we picked it up real quick and I'm so
stoked to take this area to the MAX!

Fun Fact: my area is basically where they created the Atomic Bomb. So
there are tons of museums here in which we volunteer at weekly!!
History junkie right here.

Tuesday: I'll just spend this time talking about my Comp Elder
Sanders! This guy and I clicked instantly man. He's a total goof but a
stud missionary. He's from Mapleton, Utah and is like 13 months out.
He will rerun to Utah State to play Point Guard 🏀🏀🏀 we have a ton
of fun straight up. Getting so much done, love the kid. Pretty sad I
have a short time with him.

Wednesday: Okay if y'all haven't heard we have the worldwide Mission
Broadcast and Elder Nielsen as well as other apostles and committee
members introduced changes to the missionary schedule. We officially
have a longer PDAY going from 8-6 PM and also some other small
changes. Basically they gave us agency to control our own schedule.
Makes sense especially when you look at the long term affect when we
go home and have to manage our own time. Went on Exchanges with the
Zone Leaders as well! Nish and Taylor. Learned so much!

Thursday: Spent the whole morning volunteering at a Methodist Church
with 8 other missionaries and countless others. It was a massive food
pantry and we helped load people's cars with their food and whatever
else we could do. Service can bring everyone together I love it!! Made
some good friends.

Friday: Marsie Neal an older guy who has been an investigator since
Sanders got here (3 transfers) and he's also the boyfriend to a member
in the Rockwood Ward. We sat down with him and addressed his concerns,
that being that he has already been baptized. We talked about
priesthood Authority and immediately after he said that he would pray
to know if he should be baptized in our church! That was chill.

Saturday: met my first Hispanic investigator named Luis Herrera! He is
from Mexico and wasn't very open when he saw us at first but once I
broke the language barrier he let us in! Told us he wanted to come to
church the very next day!! Got to talk to a bunch of R-LDS Church
members so that was very interesting. Met an 81 year old lady who
loves our church so she's golden! I came across the most wrecked house
today as well... broke my heart. There's a mother, a daughter, and the
daughter has 4 kids under the age of 10 (one being autistic). Their
house was destroyed. Just horrible conditions. The daughter is the
only one who works (Walmart) and the mother is filing for disability.
Left that place after taking pictures and notes for a plan to help
them just crushed. We gave them all scriptures as well. We can lift a
huge burden off their shoulders.

Sunday: Luis came to church! I sang Spanish hymns with him even though
the congregation went with English of course. There are many members
who speak Spanish as well so we taught him the Restoration and even
watched the movie! Ultimate result is that we set a baptismal date
with him for February 18th!! Send your prayers up for Luis and his
family. He's 19 so we click pretty well. He lives super close to the
church so that's pretty nice. Ate with the Bishops Family as well, the
Montierths. Beautiful Family.

Well there's a little slice of the action from this week:) love you
all. Hearing all the updates about y'alls lives makes my day! Have the
best week

My new address is: 368 Robertsville Road Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Elder Macdonald

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