Friday, January 27, 2017


Crazy Week!!!! My last week in Dalton wasn't not too
adventurous...that's right! I got emergency transferred up to
Tennessee in Poplar Creek East. I am junior companions to Elder
Sanders for 3 weeks and they at transfers will be replacing him as
District Leader and will be training a new Missionary fresh from the
MTC. Super excited to be here. This is a full English Ward which is a
drastic change from what I've been accustomed to my whole mission but
just gotta do it! I was pretty sad to leave Dalton. I grew to love
those people there so much. But God needs me here!

Monday: PDAY we met up with 2 districts and played a huge basketball
game and I played my Uke. Getting really good at Jack Johnson thanks
to another Elder who gave me some lyrics! Mom I know you'll love

Tuesday: Zone Conference. Unreal every time. Trainings were fantastic.
Especially President Griffin once again. At the beginning of the
meeting he told me he had to talk to me after. So that's when he told
me about being emergency transferred. A great deal of trust has put
called upon me so I'm super excited for this opportunity.

Wednesday&Thursday: I fell behind on my journal and couldn't look back
in the Area Book but from what I remember it was just good ole grindin
days and having a ton of fun. Going to miss Elder Reyes and Fillingim
straight up!

Friday: best experiences from today was having the opportunity to
perform two priesthood blessings. One in particular was really power
because this guy named Willy Williams who has been on dialysis for
awhile and has lost one leg and is losing the other answered the door.
We offered to give him a blessings. The Spirit was amazing. We left
him with a Book of Mormon as well:)

Saturday: 3 straight dinner appointments this nights. All of you
return missionaries know what this is like. Went alllll out in every
single one too. I had to enjoy the Mexican food while I could! By the
end of the night I was cashed beyond belief. So good. Dalton was a
good time con la comida

Sunday: I got to bare my testimony in Sacrament and throughout the
meetings I was saying bye to people I love so much. It was tough...
Also with the emergency transfer deal I thought they were picking me
up Monday...but I got a call from the APs saying they were at my
house!! I had nothing packed! So we sprinted home I packed the fastest
I've ever packed and they went out to pick up President Griffin. I
rode with Pres for two hours and we got to talk a ton. Soooo awesome.
Ate dinner at the mission home with the Griffin Fam and then went on
our ways to the new area! New adventure new beginning.

There's not really anything going on in this area. But it's time to
change that!!!

I want to apologize if I don't email any of you back! I promise I read
all of it I just have such limited time to write! I love all of you
and thanks for the support!

Elder Macdonald

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