Sunday, January 15, 2017


Yea you read the Title for this week.....WE GOT SNOW IN GEORGIA!!!
And by snow only like 2 -4 inches but hey can't say I was expecting to
see that! The temperature dropped to the teens this week and out here
in Dalton they don't have the equipment to salt the roads and keep
this hilly place safe for vehicles.......we had to cancel our baptism
this weekend to next weekend for Jasmine Vasquez...all good though!! I'm
loving the South out here because something new happens every single
day and life just gets better and better!

Tuesday: my favorite part about  today was hands down giving our
recent convert Liz and her husband Manuel a framed picture of the
Atlanta Temple after we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ! They
both absolutely lit up! Regarding to them, please keep them in your
prayers! We are working to get the husband to leave behind some old
habits and also to get them temple recommends and callings!

Wednesday: So we work at Providence every Wednesday which is volunteer
work at a Christian church program in a shelter kitchen. One thing I
learned recently is that all the other guys that work with us are
previous or recovering drug addicts and we're either forced by law to
sign up for the program or did it voluntarily to help themselves. I
have had many wonderful conversations with all the guys that work
there (usually around 24-35 years old) and had one awesome one in
particular today. We were talking and discussing his past he had with
incarceration and drugs and discussed his religious background and
what he is learning while he is enrolled that Providence. When all was
said and done he really wanted a Word of Wisdom Pamphlet so can't wait
to give one to him this week!

Thursday: some more Spiritual guidance hit us today! We had members
come out with elder Fillingim and I while Reyes went up to Cohutta,
named the Sierras! Hermano Sierra is an ex-area seventy and mission
president from Honduras and his wife was an excellent institute
teacher! We had an initial plan but as we were heading that way we
decided we should go try to see a less active part member family.
Turns out the mom, named Maria, who isn't a member is from Honduras
too so they had a fiesta the whole night and we ended up having food
with her. Hope she soon has the desire to take the charlas!

Friday: We had been randomly notified that we were going to get hit by
a snow storm and that's what we woke up to was a fresh blanket of snow
❄️ ❄️️❄️️ to be honest before my mission I didn't pack any winter gear
assuming I was going to be sweating my life away out here all 2 years
but I was's cold....realllly cold. And it's a completely
different cold than out west. The humidity intensifies it to such a
degree it's crazy! I'm all bundled up don't worry Mama. I saw today
the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation touch the heart of a woman who
lost her husband today. Whata Day:)

Saturday: Hands down the coldest day in Dalton since I've been
here.....15 degrees was about how low it got.....WOOO:) we had a good
time with it, snowballs fo sho. Favorite moment: so we met this 9 year
old kid named Melvin who is ridiculously smart and previously the day
before we met him when he was in the house of the neighbor we were
teaching and when he saw the Book of Mormon he said,"Give me one" and
immediately starting reading it. So today taught him and his'm not sure who they all were but there was
like 6 of them. After teaching the Restoration Levin got distracted by
the Liahona picture in the cover so all of us read 1 Nephi 16
together. Classic Hispanossss.

Sunday: No investigators came to church...but some awesome less
Actives did and that was really great to see. A lot of members are
getting callings as well so people are getting excited! Liz and Manuel
didn't come to church for the 2nd week in a row. Manuel we believe has
been causing some issues with that so keep them in your prayers otra
vez! Strong testimonies just need to resolve some things. I love
seeing less Actives come back. Just as good as the waters of the font.

Making every minute of my time here in Dalton count and practicing as
much Spanish as possible! I'm learning every single day with regards
to that! The companions are awesome we get along really well and have
a blast every day in the Trio. For those of you who have seen the
Three Amigos they been calling me El Guaaaapppoooo. Classic. Ciao.
Love you all. Especially Momma:)

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Elder Macdonald

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