Friday, January 27, 2017


Reason for the title this week.....well I couldn't think of a
title.....and we got our car stuck in the mud for like an hour or so
one night so that was classic. What a wonderful week. Words cannot
describe the joy I felt working with the Hispanics out here. I don't
have a lot of time so I'll jump into it.

Monday: for PDAY we decided to just walk around downtown Dalton all
day and look at all the Pawn shops, outdoor shops, government
buildings, murals. It was a wicked fun day. I heard CLEMSON TOOK DOWN
BAMA wooooooohooo!!!!! Atta boy Watson. If you know me you know my
passion for that game! BYU will get there one day..

Tuesday: I had a spiritual experience this week with my trainee Elder
Fillingim. We taught a very shaky Restoration lesson and there was a
ton of distractions in the room. He couldn't get the words out his
mouth very well. And afterwards I could tell he was very upset. Ladies
if you need to know something valuable, when a guy isn't talking to
you it's usually because something's wrong straight up. So of course I
happily went right along digging into why he was upset. Told me how he
felt then the spirit brought to remembrance the story of Moses and
Enoch. How when the Lord called them both to be prophets, and right at
the beginning they both told the Lord: how can this be? I am not a man
of words.....who am I to fulfill this calling? And of course we see
the result. He cheered up afterwards:) love the kid.

Wednesday: Liz Fraire my recent convert accepted a calling so I'll let
y'all know what it is next week:) so today we rolled up to a less
Actives house and it had been raining most of the day. Dark out so I
couldn't see what I was pulling into, then when I opened the door I
just saw thick, gooey mud.....keep in mind I'm driving a
Carolla....took about an hour to push out..being the driver I stayed
in and accelerated the whole time Hahaha meanwhile my comps and some
other Hispanics were pushing and getting drenched. Good times

Thursday: One unique thing that we started doin is using the game
JENGA with less Actives and investigators to explain the importance of
the Gospel. The blocks represent everything which we need to do and
follow, j think you get the picture. It's wicked fun and has been
adding a spice to the missionary work!

Friday: our ZLs have challenged us to invite everyone we meet to be
baptized in the first lesson. We are the lowest baptizing zone (most
southern too) so we took that to the maximum. We are teaching as best
as we can and constantly inviting. Haven't seen success from it yet
but it will come!

Saturday: we invited like 7 people to be baptized. Nada. Hahaha. All
good tho. We trying. Jasmine Vasquez had her baptismal interview this
morning and passed with flying colors. Angel. We met a new Less Active
I'd never met before named Carlos Martinez! He's still super strong
and wants to come back and has been dating his GF for 6 years. Her
name is Tora and we set a dinner appt with them on Friday! Carlos said
we could teach her so she's golden I think. Plus a less active family

Sunday: Baptismal Service for Jasmine today:)))) so we had a classic
mission don't problem. My dude Elder Reyes didn't put the plug all the
way in so when It came time for the baptism she literally was baptized
in like 1 Ft of water. But it was beautiful and we had a completely
full room. We got permission from the mish president to do it today
and then immediately after we confirmed her a member of the Church!
Her mom is a returning member and she has two little sister who want
to follow in her steps! Beautiful example of happiness, love, and
faith to me!

Love y'all

¡Ciao Pescao!

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