Sunday, January 8, 2017


Happy New Year 2017!!! This is the one full year I'll be spending
entirely of the South so I can't wait to make the most of it!!! So the
good news is I am staying here in Dalton for at least another transfer
to finish Elder Fillingim's training!! Best Spanish area in the
mission so I ain't complaining. So the Three Amigos are staying
juntos!!! "New Year, New Me" ..... let's go!

Tuesday: Two really awesome things happened today. A guy in our ward
named Jared Mora is preparing for a mission so he came out with us for
6 straight hours and brought us to a ton of his friends and also came
to several lessons with us! One of these lessons was with this guy
named Jesus Who was previously a drug addict and not too religious.
When we found him he had changed his life completely around and had
been reading a bible that other missionaries had previously given to
him. Though he ended up not being interested, at one point during this
lesson all 5 of us were in straight tears and hugging. It is
unbelievable how much a message of God can bring people together, even
people you've never met before. We planted a seed for sure.

Wednesday: we had a lot happen today but I'll talk about the lesson we
had with Giselle and Yaneth this night. Yaneth is a single mom taking
care of Giselle, and they were a member referral from the Garcia
Family. They are on date for the 14th of January. We were initially
going to teach the Plan of Salvation but on the way over we felt that
we should teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ: including principles of
faith, repentance, baptism, and so forth. It was an amazing lesson and
they are preparing. Just have to find their own testimonies.

Thursday: another experience with the Spirit. Driving back from
district meeting behind this car and I decided to switch lanes but
then I had the feeling to stay behind the car rather than go past him
and sure enough as I was starting hato lurch past him he swerved into
my lane and I (being prepared) hit the breaks and evaded him. I then
saw that he had no drivers side mirror. Classic haha.  We taught
Jasmine (9 year old to a part member family). Her date is this coming
Saturday the 7th and that will be happening! Stoked. Teaching little
kids has to be the most fun thing to do for real.

Friday: Another miracle! One of our appts feel through and we were
walking in the street and I saw someone left their truck light on. So
seeing that as an excuse to talk to someone we sprinted to their door,
knocked, and eventually we taught an almost 2 hour lesson (lots of Qs)
to this wonderful family! Potentialllllllllll though.

Saturday: Today was unreal to be honest. First of all, a referral I
tracted into awhile ago named Shane Wilson, he's a senior in High
School and got baptized today!!! I was so excited for him and just a
little sad we didn't get to teach him (doesn't speak Spanish). Great
great great guy. We then took him with us to the New Years party at
the Garcias house and we were there all night having a good time and
eating some fantastic Hispanic Food 🙏🏼 Yaneth and Giselle came to
the party to and we talked a ton and just enjoyed the night. Super
successful. Love the people in this ward so much!! Oh it also started
snowing after Shane's Baptism which was crazy

Sunday: The best moment from today is when a random guy named Luis
came to church. I guess he's dating a member from the English ward but
barely speaks any English. He has a walker to from some type of
physical disability but he came to all 3 hours of church and then we
ate dinner with him and several other members! He abolsolutely loved
church and was already reading the Book of Mormon when we came to

I don't have any new New Years Resolutions because all of them are
written down and looked at every day. This year will be one I'll
remember forever, hope it will be the same for all of you! Have the
best week fam! Mahalo

Elder Macdonald

1) Jasmine at the New Years Party
2) Ain't Salsa Cabana but it'll work
3) new Ukulele
4) my man Shane
5) Baptism Squad
6) Let it snow

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