Saturday, July 1, 2017


Heyyyy Familia I don't it have a lot of time because I procrastinated and we went fishing 🎣 but this week was awesome! We have been not only working hard but we have had a lot of crazy and even embarrassing experiences (especially me) hahaha! I'll try to include all the good stuff from this week! 

Stake Conference: so on Saturday we had stake conference and a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Alba, came to speak. I actually had the opportunity to translate his entire talk from English to Spanish which was unreal!! I loved doing that. All goes well until they start reading from the scripture then you have to improvise haha. So we ended up staying the night with the Zone Leaders in their apartment, Elder Sanders and Elder Lakko! It was good to see the boys again. 

The next morning we had the last session of stake conference and the entire chapel including surrounding rooms was flooded with people. I was asked previously to stand up in front of the entire audience to translate one of the speaker's talk from Spanish to English. Let me tell ya, that is much for difficult for some reason! He started talking about his trials and obstacles he faced trying to get to the temple, and he started talking about how he had his brother and also his mother in law living with him whom were sick, and the word for Mother in Law is "Suegra".....well case closed I myself didn't know that word Hahahaha but in my usual confidence I proudly replaced the meaning of that with "fiancé" in English and the speaker looking at me and laughing corrected me in front of the whole audience!! Hahaha yes I was laughed at by the whole Cookeville Stake of Tennessee. But hey they needed a good laugh they were all looking exhausted in the audience......ahhhh yes. The mission memories go on! 

One thing I learned from Elder Alba is that we can, when we are teaching, say and speak in "the name of Jesus Christ". That is something that stood out to me because I rarely do that. It reminded me of the priesthood which I hold and the power it can have to influence others to do good as I use it righteously. I am grateful to be able to represent Christ at such a young age and to be able to hold the authority and power to act in his name, the priesthood. I know as we live righteously and let virtue garnish our minds and hearts unceasingly we will be able to experience the potential and privilege of this great power. Thank you to my Pops for setting an example of how priesthood power up an influence others! Love yall:) 

1-3: District Greatness
4: Estudio de Idioma 
5: 🌻
6: Elder Alba de México 🇲🇽 
7: Translating in front of the stake 
8: Castle Heights 
Ciao y con amor 

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