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7/27/2016 First blog from elder macdonald

Date: July 27, 2016 at 1:30:48 PM MST

This is my first blog post okay?

Holllaaaaaa how is everyone back in America?????? I am alive and well thanks so much for the emails and the love. Its is absolutely safe to say this has been the craziest, roller coaster of a week I have ever had. My flight went well and I flew in with about 10 elders and 1 hermana to Mexico City and everything went well. The first elder I met on the plane was from Mesa and loved the movie Surfs Up just as much as me haha! Sorry if I have typos I do not get much time. P-Days are on Wednesday by the way!! So we got very lucky the first day because they did not throw us straight into classes, instead we got all of things we needed for the MTC, went to dinner, and then a devotional and unpacked! The devotionals here are pretty awesome by the way!

I wanna first talk about the MTC. My cousins were not kidding when they said this place looks like paradise. There are palm trees everywhere amd we are in a house! The Comedor (where we eat) has delicious food and is actually quite nutricious! there are tennis courts, basketball courts (indoor and outdoor), volleyball courts (missing the beach) and also a pretty nice gym to lift. So yes I am not going to get fat here! The teachers here are amazing with working with missionaries and every day we have to teach a lesson in SPanish to a fake-investigator but they are so good at acting we treat it like it is a real lesson everyday! Honestly this place is really awesome and my district and companion is as well!

My companion´s name is Elder Detiege (Dee-dage)....yeah it took we awhile to get used to, but he is a great guy from New mexico and works really hard and has a pretty strong desire to serve. We are going to the same mission too!!! pretty awesome.

My district has about 12 people in it and everyone is so awesome! there are 4 people in my district going to my mission, including our district leader Elder Vellinga!!! I now undertsand why missionaries always use a ton of exclamation points in there emails roomates are the coolest dudes ever! Elder Wengler from Boston and Elder Orgill from Oklahoma! So we got some diversity but we all get along so well. 

Since I do get that much time to email here I just want to share a favortie memoery from each of the 8 days I have been here (has felt like a month). 

Tuesday (19th): meeting my district and making new friends was so much fun. reminded me of college all over again. Everyone here is so friendly and easy to get along with it just makes this whole situation so much easier!

Wednesday (20th): My companion and I got lost so we were late to an orientation and right when we walked in in front of everyone the 1st counselor of the MTC was giving a lecture about how it is punctual and respectful to show up on time to everything and that it is really disrespectful to be late....everyone laughed and we were super we apologized to the 1st counselor and he just laughed and said he did not really care haha! 

Thursday (21st): Taught our very first lesson in Spanish on the second day of the MTC!! My Spanish has been really good and I am thankful to the Lord for helping me remember my past studies and allowing me to be able to speak so well already. My companion studied German for 3 years and no Spanish before the mission so he is struggling but is working hard. We definitely complement each other really well.  

Friday (22nd): Momma sent me Krispy Kreme donuts and I shared it with my district!!:))))) definitely made my week thanks momma!!! if anyone wants to send packages easily to me in Mexico the website is! Love you again mom

Saturday (23rd): I talked baout going to my cousins wedding before the mission with Elder Detiege for like 5 minutes and he meant to say "awesome cosa" (awesome thing) but he said "awesome queso" (awesome cheese). Almost died laughing, but this probably explains how easy it is to be bored haha

Sunday: The Sabbath day on the mission is so amazing. We had a missionary movie night with everyone that night and watched "How Rare a Possession". I highly recommend it. Some really great stories about peoples conversions! Sundays are great refreshers from stress and allow you think about a lot of positive things (especially memories). 

Monday: This was probably the most crazy spiritual day I have had in the MTC so far. But I will just share the good parts. My companion has been having a hard time with some issues of his and he asked my at about 10 pm to give him a blessing. I have never given one before......but before I did I prayed that the Holy Ghost could work through me. All the elders in our district came in the room and I gave him a blessing. And to be honest I do not remember what I said.....but what I do remember was the Spirit working through me and my companion, me and several others were in tears after the blessing. The MOST spiritual experience of my life. I got to personally feel how the priesthood of God can bless others lives. My companion is doing very well now. 

Tuesday (yesterday): We invited our investigator to be baptized and she committed to Sept 1st!! (practice) but even though it is just practice we were so stoked because our lesson really invited the Spirit and our Spanish was on point!

Today (27th): Today is my first P-day and I spent most of the day this morning going to the Mexico City temple!!! such a beautiful place!!

Please continue to email me it means so much!!}

Love you all 

Elder Macdonald


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