Sunday, October 9, 2016


Another week another bunch of countless memories made! Dalton is really
starting to feel normal or homelike to me and I think I'm really
starting to love not only the people but the area as well! Always a
good feeling, especially when you're living in an industrialized city
in the middle of the South hahaha! Also the weather is starting to
cool down real nicely!!! Feels like Cali right now. But anyways I want
to start out my expressing how thankful I am for a living prophet on
the Earth today and his fellow apostles and disciples. It's great to
see as the world starts to change its values to a humongous negative
degree, the Church with the Lord Jesus Christ at the helm, stands firm
in what God wants for his children. It's almost scary to see what's
been going on, and what's being accepted as morally correct and okay
in God's eyes. But through the guidance of the Lord's leaders here on
the Earth, we know what the true ways to eternal and endless happiness
really is! Love ya Tommy Monson!!!

Lunes: Started off with a gorgeous hike called the Disney trail in the
morning and I posted those pictures on last weeks blog! It is so green
and endless here it's pretty awesome! And no it had nothing to do with
anything Disney related :/. Still fun! Classic moment from today: we
were sitting in the church making food and playing games and stuff and
it started to DOWNPOUR rain!!! Like real southern style rain! It was
nuts and we all dropped everything immediately and ran outside and
jumped in puddles and slid on the grass....and then we realized we
locked ourselves out and had no yea 6 missionaries sitting
outside a church in the pouring rain with no shoes on.... Hahahaha the
Sisters ending up running to a nearby members house they knew and us
Elders just hung out lol

Martes: so today I'll give you an update on my health haha! No I
haven't gained any weight. Since I've left I lost 10-15 pounds but now
I'm working out every day and gaining that back! The Mexico MTC
destroyed me hahaha. And all we eat out here is Mexican Food which is
el mejor! We got in with one of our investigators that has been
struggling and she said she would come to conference!!!! Her name is
Delmi and she has a daughter named Odalys. Also met and found many new
investigators such as Fernando, Austin, and Metalina! Will write about
them more later down the road. Oh and for our movie night planned for
Oct 8 a member made some really nice invitations out of card stock for
us so we are handing those out!

Miercoles: today was rough in all honesty, we worked our hardest,
tried to find as many people as we could, even took out the 1sf
counselor in the Bishopric with us and couldn't get in with anyone!
But it was all good!!! We were sitting in a parking lot at 8:35 pm and
had nothing going for us and we decided to pray and ask for guidance.
Immediately afterwards we whipped out the area book map(electronic)
and were impressed to go to this random potential! So we did, and he
wasn't home,,,, but his Brother Danilo was!!! And he let instantly!
Got to know him, shared the full Restoration of the Gospel with him,
and hopefully we'll see where that takes off. We were so happy
afterwards it was hard to describe! Great day

Jueves: So first off Happy Birthday to My Dad!!!!! Won't put the
number up for his sake haha he's the greatest enjoyer of life I know!
Great man and thanks for being such an amazing example to me!!! Not
going to lie. Today was the first time I shed tears in a lesson. We
were in with a recent convert who has been struggling with some things
and as I bore my testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement there was
no stopping it haha. I couldn't deny the spirit I was feeling, and my
testimony of the Savior grew immensely after that. When we know
something is true, and we know it can help someone that you know it
just means that much more.

Viernes: one thing I learned in personal study today is that the
Christ-like attribute of Hope is one of the main differences between a
successful missionary and a lazy, unmotivated, unsuccessful one. Hope
is what fortifies our faith in Jesus Christ in our lives. Hope is
shown through positivity, long suffering, patience, enthusiasm, and
work. Hope is what keeps people coming back to partake of the
sacrament and attending meetings and keeping commitments. The
definition of Hope in PMG is "believing that something can and will
happen". Think about that and what we hope for on a hourly, daily,
weekly, and eternal basis. Another MIRACLE happened again... 8:55 pm
and we had to be in at 9 but and I pointed out one of the sketchiest
houses I've seen since I've been here. Pitch dark out with one light
bulb on with a creepy doll (like you see in movies) near the window.
We knocked, a lady opened and received us with open arms! Her name was
Araceli! She even knew the Bishop! Through this she came to Conference
and we hope to see her again this coming week:) met her husband named
Ezekiel too!

Sabado: first day of CONFERENCE!!!! Everyone is right! Conference on
the mission is the best!!! Listened to it in English thankfully.... My
favorite talk for the morning session was given by President Utchdorf!
The Plan of Salvation and the Restored Gospel truly are the greatest
blessings and knowledge any person could have. I'll just lost my
favorites right here!

Saturday Morning: Utchdorf
Afternoon: D. Todd Christofferson
Priesthood: Holland
Sunday Morning: Russell M. Nelson
Afternoon: K Brett Nattress

Domingo: we had 5 investigators show up to conferences for the Sunday
Afternoon sesh! Including a whole family!!! So awesome (Delmi's whole
fam) and then Araceli and Ezekiel!!

One thing I'm most thankful for this week was the opportunity Sunday
night at the bishops house to share my testimony of the Sustained
Church leaders and their roles in helping us and how lucky we are to
be apart of Jesus Christ's Restored TRUTH! Love this gospel!!! Have a
good week! Thanks for the love and support throughout this time! I
truly appreciate it! This work is awesome to say the least!


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