Sunday, October 2, 2016


This is my new Weekly email:

Conference weekend is coming!!!! Wooooo I hear that conference on the
mission is just the best. But anyways, this week one thing I did great
was work on being patient with everything. And that has helped a lot
and I know that if we continue to work hard and bear out trials with
patience the Lord will bless us.

A little background about here. Yeah no surprise there's like 4
million different types of Christian churches here, and here in Dalton
we have one tiny little chapel! It's a good time. My ward there's
about 40-60 people each week who attend church and the members here
are amazing. We have been working hard to earn their trust and it is
really changing the attitude of the ward, already!!! Trying to bring
as much energy and positivity to this place that I can exert!! I find
strength in the Lord. This week:

Sept 19: ended the PDAY with a couple lessons and a member dinner, but
we decided to go try to visit a less active on this super sketchy
street pretty late and night and we ran into this guy named Salvador
and his 4 kids after thinking we were at the right place but we
weren't. They received the message really well and the Spirit was
indescribable!! Not too much from today but we are always experiencing
tender mercies of the Lord.

Sept 20: one of the biggest problems were having right now which is
super common is actually having appointments come through and people
keeping their commitments. I say this because we finally met with our
1 investigator who has a baptismal date named Edy. He hasn't been
keeping his commitments lately except a few and so we talked about the
importance of doing that of course. And previously we helped them with
yard work which was a great opportunity!

Sept 21: this day was unreal!!! We had new missionary orientation up
in Knoxville so we went up there for a part of the day!!! I'll share
one of my favorite things I heard from our Mission Pres. President
Griffin talked about how Julius Caesar, the best Roman general was
attempting to conquer England and when his armada arrived on the cliff
shorelines they saw thousands of Celtic Warriors lining the shores,
and once the Romans finally found a place to unload their men they
were surrounded by these ferocious warriors! The Romans were getting
beat up, so Julius Caesar did something....crazy.... He burned their
own ships so the men wouldn't retreat..... Kind of crazy but the Romans
won that battle!!! How much harder would we work or how much harder
would be fight if we had no retreat, or no "ships" to go to that could
hold us back from achieving our potential. Gist: Burn your ships

Sept 22: we had a lot of car adventures today. Teaching the
Restoration to this couple on the porch and this guy apparently had
broken his ribs and needed to go to the hospital and their car battery
was dead so we quickly ended with a prayer and jumped their car lol!
And later that day this lady crashed into a ditch and not all her
wheels were on the ground (back wheels) so we and several other dudes
hopped in the back to weigh the truck down and we got it out!!
Classic. Random service opportunities are the best!!

Sept 23: this day we had a lot of opportunities to work with members
and also a recent convert!!! A lot more happened but I'll keep it
short! Amy Espitia is a 20 year old recent convert like 3 months ago!
And we talked to her about receiving a calling and she really wants
one! Next step is getting her to the temple!!! Can't wait to work more
with her:)

Sept 24: the idealofies of Saturday's are that its either an amazing
day where everything works out perfectly or a day when nothing really
happens. It was unfortunately the latter, however we did experience
many tender mercies once again!!! Like we were tracting in the middle
of nowhere in this back road Georgia country and we stumbled upon this
fiesta and BBQ of like 20 Mexicans and they offered us food and gave
us the opportunity to share our message to like 15 or more people!!!!
Was awesome, they weren't too interested but hey you never know right?

Sept 25: we didn't get anyone to church this week. Which was kind of sad
but we tried our hardest this week. We have many people to get to
church which is good and several can't come because of work but we
will continue to exert our efforts! I know that things will go only
upward from here!:) we had a fantastic dinner with the Bishop Torres
and his family and also a few members and a less active! Highlight of
my day! We love them and we feel that they have full confidence and
trust in us!

Also, thanks to an idea from my cousin Steven Wade, i had the idea to
do a movie night in 2 weeks at the church to show "Meet the Mormons"
in Spanish!!! A great opportunity for members to invite other people
and also for us to invite others to step inside the church and to
learn about what we are really about!!! So stoked! That is on Oct 8!!

I learn so much everyday about myself and about other people. I'm
loving it. The members here are great. The area is amazing, and life
is just amazing. I miss some things but this is where I, supposed to
be and I know that. Love my Savior Jesus Christ!!!! Have the best

I truly appreciate all support through emails and letters. Love all of
you:) Dios les bendiga!!!!❤️

Elder Macdonald

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