Sunday, October 23, 2016


Sorry I didn't send out my weekly for last week!!! It was a crazy PDAY
and I didn't have to much time! But anyways I'll breeze through this
week pretty quickly! Georgia life is great out here!!

Oct 3: went to Wal-Mart for a shot, kinda weird. This PDAY we decided
to go play some tennis at the park with some equipment my fam sent me
haha, and safe to say my comp retired after going 15 straight games
without a single win.....hahaha I had a good time though I guess.
Tennis is a great freakin sport. Pretty sure that was my parents first
date too lol. Starting teaching this guy named Blas as well. He's a
stud, and also got this kid named Fabian on date for baptism! Good guy
too! Receptive, a little reserved, but he's cool. Going to high school
right now at Dalton High.

Oct 4: the weather here right now either feels like California or it feels
like I'm in an oven. Bipolarity in the weather is nothing new for me I
guess though. Ohhhhhhn this day I finally got Bible bashed by some
Mexican Lady. I actually really enjoyed it. Bible bashed basically
means someone tried to prove my beliefs wrong for some ignorant and
classic reason. It's so funny hahaha.

Oct 5: good schedule today, worked really, really, really hard, just not
too much success. Which is totally fine because you can't control
these things. Attitude and optimism is huge out here I love it. Really
helping me develop those attributes more fully. Oh by the way someone
please send me some music my comp loves Motab and I'm dying haha. The
best thing we did this day besides teaching and stuff was get ready
for MOVIE NIGHT this Saturday!!! I was so stoked.

Oct 6: Thursdays.... yes. District meetings are always a doozy haha.
We tracted Dude St today so that was chill. Got a new investigator
there named Araceli Gutierrez! POTENTIAL. Oh so we also got to
volunteer at a elementary school fall festival and it was so fun
honestly!! Reminded me of the good ole days at Las Sendas elementary!
Service opportunities are the best, and that's what we're all just
trying to better is serve right!! No lie, I cried again today. We were
teaching one of our main investigators named Edy and we thought he was
about to drop us for some reason but we ended up having one of those
"that was close" lessons. He doesn't have a testimony of the
BoM...however...hasn't read it.....soooo we let him know what he's
gotta do. Hopefully he does that:)! Crying part I was just bearing my
testimony idk. I want this guy to have this in his life!!

Oct 7: we went to the freakin city dump today hahaha our bishop is
renovating a trailer to rent out so we helped him clean that dirty
thing out and take the stuff to the dump. It was actually really fun
for some reason. I just love serving in all forms haha! So I'll share
this unique experience, especially for missionaries in the field rn. I
had to talk to my companion about his motivation, energy level, and
desire to do this work. He's had a rough mish so far, but I also knew
he wasn't putting in any effort to change it. So I said a prayer, and
after an hour of talking with him he ended up thanking me for being
straight up and for wanting to help him be successful. Gist of this is
that if there's a problem in a "relationship" don't be scared to bring
it up and resolve it. The Lord will help you. I'm writing this a week
later but I've seen a huge difference already. Love the guy.

Oct 8: We had so much happen today but I wanna just talk about
MOOOVVVVIIEEEEEE NIIIGHHHTTTTTT!!!! It was such a success! With the
efforts of the members and also our careful (kinda) planning we played
the movie "Meet the Mormons" at the church! We had over 70 people show
up which is almost twice as much as those who actually attend church
haha. We had investigators and less-actives show up so it fulfilled
its purpose. We had some great food as well. Afterwards we stood up
and bore our testimonies and invited everyone to come to church. The
members are getting very excited for the work here.

Oct 9: the combination of fast Sunday and no one coming to church was
pretty brutal today but it's all good!!! Love the Sacrament and the
opportunity we have to participate in such a sacred and awesome
ordinance. Bore my testimony about missionary work and the immense
potential we have here. Bearing your testimony is such a wonderful
opportunity for everyone to reaffirm there beliefs, which for me
really helps me remember my purpose not only as a missionary but as a
child of God which is: to try and follow Jesus Christ to the best of
my abilities. The good thing is, we got the Rocky Face Ward fired up
about missionary work. My first ward council back in September was the
most boring thing ever, but now we can't stop talking. Loving it. Got
bible bashed my a Jehovah's Witness today haha. In Spanish. Also had a
great dinner appointment with Edy Ortiz (who almost dropped us but he
didn't) with some carne asada!! I miss Cessy's in Carlsbad! Viva La

Anyways! Good week, working hard as always. Praying for all of you
every day. God loves us all, and wants the best for us; it is just up
to us to recognize the path he has set. Get on it!🙌🏼

Mosiah 4:9.  9 Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created
all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all
wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man
doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.


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