Thursday, November 3, 2016


Title: The Three Amigos

The title says it all!!! I'm in a Trio now with Elder Mitchell and
with an El Salvadorian companion named Elder Reyes!!! He is actually
from West Phoenix and went to Maryville high school, but his parents
are from El Salvador! Shout out to Elder Eli Wade down there! Elder
Reyes is freakin awesome!!! Such a nice guy and has been out for 18
months so I have the opportunity to learn a lot from him. He got
transferred because his last companion went home for medical reasons.
But he will technically be my greenie breaker so when Mitchell leaves
next month it will be Reyes and I!! The Three Amigos are takin over
Dalton (go watch the movie with Steve Martin). Reyes nickname: "El
Guapo". Great week let's dive in.

Tuesday: today marks two months away from Christmas!!! We had a zone
meeting today up in Brainerd! Met a lot of new people because of
previous transfers! So awesome. President Griffin truly is an inspired
leader (I still need a pic with him). I learned a lot about having
love for my Savior, but at a missionary perspective this is what I
took out of his amazing spiel:
1. Talk to EVERYONE out of love (not duty)
2. Be obedient out of love to come unto Jesus Christ
3. Learn God's Word..out of love
Also had interviews with him which were phenomenal. Love the man!!!

Wednesday: today is the day we found out about the Trio and we were
going nuts! Reyes is a complete stud, and he will help us progress the
work so much more! We taught this beautiful less-active family (dad
ain't a member) that has 6 girls including twins! They are awesome but
the parents work so much that we had to arrange transportation for
them to church! The TRUNK OR TREAT was tonight and I gotta say I never
was excited for these things in the past but it was awesome! One of
our top investigators showed up (Hector) unexpectedly too!! Money

Thursday: we were teaching this guy who was scheduled to enter into
prison tomorrow for about a month. He was so awesome. Super receptive
and super humble. I have had some of the most spiritual experiences
working with this guy. His name is Blas, and to say goodbye to him we
gave him a priesthood blessing. He was crying and had me just
completely at awe. I'd never met someone so humble. Yes he made
mistakes but he's moving in the right direction and hopefully we
planted a seed in his heart. I know he will be fine.

Friday: we met with 3 or 4 less active families today and had some
really awesome spiritual experiences. Every opportunity I have to
testify of my Savior and of the restored gospel by heart overflows
with gratitude. I love working hard and trying to serve others will
all I got!! The best part of today was when we went OYMing (Open Your
Mouth) at a local carnival and we talked to dozens of people I can't
even count and have them pamphlets and pass-along cards! Saw tigers
and seals and crazy rides and a met a ton of unique people!! Not gunna
lie I had the time of my life

Saturday: JAKE MACDONALDS 16TH BDAY🎉🎉🎉 love you. Okay so it is the
end of October and it is still warm here...but it's coming! Supposedly
it gets freezing in the South so we'll see how this Arizona boy hangs
in. Had an amazing, productive day but my favorite part was when we
randomly decided to get pupusas at the Pupusaria restaurant and we met
like 3 dudes and got all their info, a few of them had already been to
our church but had never been taught! Awesome lil miracle right
there!! We taught this guy named Rickie who is straight gold!! Let ya
know more about him later.

Sunday: ''twas the night before Halloween 👻👻👻 Insane day! We went
on splits today so I went with Hermano Rojas who is a member of the
high counsel and he is an absolute beast!! He gave me so much advice.
Went first went and taught this Bible/BoM referral from online for an
hour and a half! His name is Isaiah and he is amazing!!! He is very
intellectual and was super into our discussion! Went on an huge spree
with him in seeing people! Rode a horse! Lol and meanwhile Reyes and
Mitchell racked up new investigators and lessons for days!! It was a
very very productive day and I can't wait to keep advancing the work
here through our service!

This week, something I already learned was reemphasized to me and that
is that there is always something amazing that can happen everyday of
our lives, we just need to continue to hope and take excitement in the
things we do! Every single day here in Dalton something new happens
and I meet new, amazing, loving people. Life is absolutely fantastic,
and so is this work.

My heart is full of gratitude for all the support I receive weekly!
Feel free to email me:

Address: 1403 Mack Street Apt A, Dalton, GA 30720

Love all of you and I hope you find joy each day in whatever you do!!

Elder Macdonald

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