Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Title: Happy Thanksgiving TODOS!!!

Heyyyoooo!! Great week everybody! I want to start of with a few Tommy
Monson quotes:

"As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced
by the courage of our convictions"

"Fill your minds with truth, fill your hearts with love, fill your
lives with service."

Love the prophet tho. A little quick update I'm having a blast running
the area! I haven't ran into any crazy difficulties yet and I'm
learning the area like the back of my hand! Ohhhhh and I get my
GREENIE this week! I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't nervously A
greenie is a new missionary fresh out of the Missionary Training
Center that (like me at the beginning) won't know anything or what is
going on! I'm "technically" done being trained but I get to do it all
over again with a random new Elder!!! Stoked. Reyes and I are getting
along really well.  So,  I'll jump into the week!!

Monday: I went Bowling for the first time in months!! Took me back to
going to Fat Catz like every other week up in Provo. Went with the
District and I guess you can say we were all a bit rusty....I won with
a 116... It was weird too because we were the only ones there haha.
Their music playlist in the Bowling Alley was unreal too... Weezer
RHCP The Killers we were all jamming haha

Tuesday: Zone Conference!!! 2nd time in one month but I ain't
complaining! Each time we have one of these I get such a spiritual and
mental refreshment. I'm in the Chattanooga Zone and we have I'd say 40
missionaries in this zone so it's quite a lot! Every time President
Griffin teaches us I am just zoned in. I learn so much from him every
time I'm around him. A little background about him he's from Utah and
owns his own his own massive business so he's my type of guy. He has
so much  knowledge and a natural talent for teaching and speaking.
He's very personable as well. We have gotten really tight since I've
been here. He gave us a training on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
basically called us to repentance. It was awesome.

Wednesday: we had a great learning experience today. We went into a
Plan of Salvation lesson a little unprepared..actually quite
unprepared. I felt like we taught an MTC lesson. Not good. But after
later that night the Lord showed us some tender mercies and gave us
the opportunity to teach it again with another lady named Araceli! We
had Hermana Torres with us as well and it was an amazing lesson!!
Learned from my mistake on that one fo sho. Preparation is ESSENTIAL
FOR SUCCESS in cualquier cosa.

Thursday: Roller Coaster day! I'll get the bad out first. We locked
ourselves out of our car and as I did that I stepped in some dog poop
and yea there you have that. Took awhile to get that taken care of.
Reyes lost his wallet too so that sucked. Still hasn't found it.
Looking back on these classic situations it was pretty annoying but in
the moment I felt completely fine. I've been learning a lot about just
accepting situations for what they are and dealing with things with
legitimate gratitude. Weird right? Gratitude during crappy situations?
But it makes life so much easier. And that gratitude isn't necessarily
for my problems but just for my blessings and life in general. But we
taught Liz the Plan of Salvation!! Went perfectly! She's my favorite
straight up.

Friday: back to back days of roller coaster! All our appts fell
through and no one wants to talk to us! Honestly it was a super fun
day tho I don't know why! I'd say the highlight is when we got
pupusas! El Salvadorian food for the W! Got in with an investigator
who dropped off the face of the earth named Edy! He had a baptismal
date awhile back so we'll see where that goes.

Saturday: my 4 MONTH mark tho!!! Got attacked my some 3 legged Buff
Chihuahua!!! Best part of this day was hands down the Thanksgiving
Ward activity! There was endless food, drinks, and fantastic español
música!!! We had over 10-15 investigators show up to the activity! The
members brought a ton of people and it was a fantastic time. Even did
some dancing hahaha! Definitely a successful night.

Sunday: Liz and Edy came to church today!! We taught Gospel Principles
on the importance of the Sabbath Day! The blessings that come from
spending the day going to church, being with our families, and
focusing on the Lord are unreal. We went tracting and had no success
and saw these two high school kids playing basketball. Challenged them
to 2 on 2 and then was up those whole game except we lost 10-12 (they
foul for days). But anyways we talked to them afterwards and taught a
bunch of little kids that were watching the game. So freaking fun.
Everyone was so surprised that we could ball.

Grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary for another week! Love
you all and happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Elder Macdonald

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