Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Title: Apocalypse

This week had to have been the longest week of my life so far in the
field....AND IT WASSSS AWESOME!!!! Woooooooo. Anyways, first off I am
sure you all have heard about the Wild fires going on down here! The
Entire city of Dalton is covered in smoke. Like completely. Hence my
blog title. I feel like the Second Coming is happening right now!!
There's been wildfires that I can spot literally from my apartment in
the "mountains" (green Rolling hills). But anyways so it is a little
spooky here rn. Not to mention we're in a horrible drought too! And it
is finally getting cold here woooooo. And that's your weather for the
day, here's what's happening in my neck of the woods!

Monday: Last PDAY with Elder Mitchell:( we didn't have miles to go
anywhere either so we had a very chill day too say the least. If y'all
didn't know I got cut short of training. Only got 10/12 weeks needed.
And now I'll be training a new missionary next week. Nuts! I'm excited
though. But for our last PDAY we went to the huge park across the
street, enjoyed the weather, played some ball. Enjoyed the company of
the District. Classic moment from the day though....Mitchell finally
out-rebounded me and got so excited he took the ball and accidentally
sprinted down and scored on the wrong basket hahaha, safe to say we
all were on the ground in laughter/tears. RIP Trainer ❤️ taught this
really amazing lady named Natalie. She says she wants to be
baptized!!!! The date we tried to set with her conflicted with an
event she has (family oriented) so we will set the date next week!!

Tuesday: today was super weird because we spent the first part of it
helping Mitchell pack. We taught a couple lessons that went pretty
well. We visited the family of the guy who we were teaching that went
to jail last week! They were doing a lot better and were grateful for
our visit! The rest of the snight was spent with the Torres Family at
this local Taqueria. There's little Taqueria everywhere here in Dalton
and they're all DELICIOUS thoooo. Dinner was merging racking because
all the TVs were on covering the Election!.... I was pretty nervous
for the outcome, but then I realized waitttttt I have 19 more months
not to worry about this stuff:). But Congrats to Mr. Trump. Hope our
country comes together and supports our government and makes some
vital changes for the better.

Wednesday: Drove to Farragut with the Amigos to drop off Mitchell.
Finally had Chipotle for the first time in like 5 months! Had to get
that Quesorito. Started also driving for the first time in sooooo long
so that first car ride felt unbelievably weird! Love driving here, so
pretty. Except the drivers here suck. To the maximum...President
Griffin pulled me aside into his office today and he grabbed me by the
shoulders and told me how ready I was to train a new missionary and
that I'm going to do great. Love that man with the entirety of my soul
seriously. I can tell he believes in my personal capabilities and
potential. Can't wait to expand those.

Thursday: We gave 3 different Priesthood blessings today! The Sisters
were not feeling good so we got approved to go to their apartment and
give them blessings. Also this member who is waiting for a Kidney
transplant called us asking for one as well and we had Hermano Ray
with us as well, Hermano Ray is one of our most clutch members who
actually served his mish in Phoenix! I guess at one point Ray served
in Elder Reyes's Ward and even came to his house. Small world. I keep
an oil vile on my key chain at all times and it's supper convenient:)
we taught like 3 lessons about the temple to less actives today and I
really miss that place. No temple in my mission. But all good!
Hopefully there will be soon! Very spiritual day. The power of the
Priesthood is REAL.

Friday: we had an awesome lesson with this lady named Rocio! We gave
her son a blessing a few days prior and he was feeling much better!
Kept smiling at us too haha, love little latino kids. My main man
Shane Wilson. This kid is a senior in high school and probably the
most solid investigator I've ever met....but he doesn't speak
Spanish:/ we referred him to the sisters. All good of course! Dinner
with the Olivas Family was amazing. They gave us some sweaters and
jackets too!! Winter is coming ahhhh I ain't ready. The cold here is
so much different that the west coast. Humidity. We then visited this
referral named Geno Dorado. He's disabled in a wheel chair and has no
arms but he had a ton of questions for us. We only had a little bit of
time but we let him know how much the Gospel could bless his life
regardless of his circumstances and he Lit up!! La Familia Batchelor
took us to Krispy Kreme for some "yearly anniversary" of the
establishment here in Dalton sooo....FREE DONUTS😁

Saturday: Happy BDAY Elise!!!:) Today was awesome. We went to this
place called the Flea Market and handed out a ton of pass along cards!
However, a Jehovah's Witness decided to come argue with us, so after
awhile of him talking we just tried to leave him with a card. Classic.
30-45 minutes....anyways but so we spent two hours with Hector Rios
(he's still not committing to baptism but he has no problems with
anything and beliefs everything,...ahhh) helping him in his garage and
taught the Word of Wisdom. He's loved it and is solid with the
commandment. A less active family that we planned to see for 10
minutes kept us for 30 min and fed us endlessly. So nice. Love the
Familia Garcia!!! I taught tithing, fasting, and fast offerings for
the first time on my mish to Karrie Rodriguez! It went really well!
They committed to live the commandments:)

Sunday: Stake Conference!!!!! President Griffin was giving a talk and
he called every missionary UP to the front of the pulpit and gave us a
big shout out. So we were standing in from of like 3,000 people.
Pretty cool. President is on his last year of his mish. Goes home at
my year mark:/ had lunch afterwards with some members and had the best
time every. At one point I was on the ground crying laughing. We have
some awesome members and they are so willing to serve!! Got 2 new
investigators named Frank and Nicolas! Seem cool! Vamos a ver:) best
part of this day was our lesson with Liz Fraire and her husband
Manuel!! We were teaching them and found out that Frank was actually
baptized and is just super inactive! We extended his wife the
invitation to be baptized and we set a date with her for DEC 17th. Liz
is pregnant right now too and is due on the 6th so pray for her!!:) I
told Manuel he could baptize his wife since he has the priesthood and
he said he really wants to come back to church and to have the
opportunity for that!!! So stoked for them. I like sprinted off the
driveway after the lesson, heal clicked then Went nuts with Reyes!!!
It was so awesome.

Anyways!! Best week! Lots of changes but I'm doing well and adjusting
and I'm so looking forward to continue to run this area and to learn
from Elder Reyes and to train!! The Lord is blessing me with so many
opportunities to succeed I just need to work hard and smart! And with
love. My heart is here. I love the people. Love all of you. I wouldn't
be able to have any of these opportunities without y'all... seriously.
My gratitude is endless! Have the best week:)

Elder Mac

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