Monday, December 5, 2016



Heyyyoooooo! Hope all of you had a fantastic thanksgiving!! This week
was nuts! Full of changes and surprises! First I want to introduce my
new companion!!! My boy Elder Fillingim from Show Low AZ!! My other
comp Elder Reyes is from Phoenix so we are representing our beautiful
home state out here in Georgia! Fillingim is a stud, super nice guy
who played football just like me! Love the outdoors and especially the
gospel. He's got an awesome testimony. Still working on his Spanish
but he will get there! Jumping in!!

Tuesday (22): we taught 8 lessons today! Several were absolutely
classic so I'll share one. We taught the Restoration to this 20 year
old named Alejandro while his 9 year old brother was playing Grand
Theft Auto on a huge plasma screen right in front of us. That was
interesting hahaha fantastic lesson nonetheless. And also during, we
parked across the street in front of this lady's house and she called
the cops. Alejandro told us she's kinda a loony I guess. All good! We
also taught Liz Fraire and her boyfriend the law of Chastity! Went
amazing and committed them to get married! They're doing it woooooo!

Wednesday: IM A TRAINER. With this calling comes a ton of
responsibility. Basically I'm responsible for a Fillingim's first
impression of the mish and also for showing him the ranks. We went to
Farragut and picked him up and he was so nervous just like I was. He's
a stud tho. He went to the Mexico MTC and had the exact same teachers
as me though!!!! Crazy stuff. Even had the same cage soccer team name
"Los Savajes". I made him immediately write down his vision and goals
for his mission.

Thursday: Thanksgiving....woooohooo how much do I have to be thankful
for...wish I could write it all. It was a tough day for me no lie.
Missed the ol family traditions in St George. But it was a fantastic
day nonetheless. Had two meals throughout the day with the Torres'
Family and the Garcia Family! Saw a ton of other members at each meal
and even had an investigator there with us (Edy, wearing the black
shirt in the pic). I was so stuffed by the end of the day. I think by
the end of the day I was really most thankful for the knowledge and
truth of eternal families.

Friday: sooo...I got special permission to meet with some of my
favorite people in the world!!! The Woodburns!!! Growing up they were
my next door neighbors and their son is my best friend!! It was so
cool to see them and to share with them what we do as missionaries!
They bought us a bunch of goodies too so my comps were siked about it!
also taught Liz Fraire and Manuel the Word of Wisdom! They are
progressing really well:)!

Saturday: today was dedicated to practice for Fillingim!! We taught
6-7 Restoration Lessons to new investigators and every single time we
had him teach different principles and invite people to be baptized!!
We got like 3-4 "soft-commitment positive answers so that was really
good for him. We're really giving him tons of opportunities to get
comfortable with teaching and it is working! It was just awesome to
see how he also picks up on what Elder Reyes and I do. And also his
own twists on things. Made me feel like I'm adequate to do this!

Sunday: 5 investigators attended church today! Liz, Giselle and Yanet
(mother and daughter), and also Edy and Byron! They all stayed for all
3 hours except Byron. We had a great turn out until Gospel Principles.
We had a fantastic lesson plan using the Family Proclamation but a
member from our High Counsel who was present decided to take over our
lesson and took a different direction. So that was lame, but our
investigators still had a great time a church.

Just bits and pieces from this week of course. But once again I'd like
to express my gratitude to my beautiful family and friends for the
support, prayers, and advice I constantly receive. I'm grateful for my
Lord, Jesus Christ. And for a loving a Heavenly Father who has
provided a plan of HAPPINESS for all of us. I'm happy. Life is good.
Love all of you! ¡Tengan una semana asombrosa!

Elder Macdonald

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