Monday, April 17, 2017


Title: Milagros Milagros Milagros y Fiestas ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Buenas semanassss muchachos la obra estรก aumentando en el campo en
Lebanon Tennessee!!!! Such an awesome week everything is going super
well area wise and companion wise! The District is progressing and we
all are super unified which is keyyyy to success tho!

Tuesday: so big thing we had coming up on the weekend was a Branch
activity for Easter and so Elder Hatch and I went to several public
Hispanic markets and posted fliers and invited a lot of people to it
and in the meantime we have been sharing our Easter Initiative Video a
LOT! I INVITE ALL OF YOU to go to and watch the videos for

Wednesday: I want to use this day to talk about the Castillo Family!
The boyfriend Adrian is a super less active member who just recently
started to allow missionaries in the house. His girlfriend Monserrat
has been investigating for 5 YEARS and wants to be baptized but Adrian
doesn't want to get married. They have an 8 year old son as well. We
are working diligently with them:) (see Sunday for results). We also
had a Birthday party an one of our investigators houses named Itzel:)
they made us pupusas (my favorite food, shout out to Eli Wade) and
even got a Tres Leches Cake for us!!! Best party ever and even had our
Branch President Ueki with us.

Thursday: wellllllllll I'm 20. Exiting the teens was not a good
feeling at all honestly hahahah but I'm ready to take on this decade.
Best decade of my life coming up!!! We had such an amazing day I
wouldn't trade it for anything. Highlights were that we went to
Bangkok Thai Pad as a District and enjoyed some delicious grub, put in
work all day meeting people and preaching the good word. The Sisters
destroyed our apartment door with hearts and candy! thanks to all
those who wished me a happy birthday as well I LOVE YOU!! Went to
dinner at Los Compadres with a less active members and ate as much
carne asada and horchata as I could. No lie set 2 appointments just at
dinner too so that was cool. To put the cherry in top we had such a
spiritual lesson with Esther y Raul en su casa and showed them the
investigator talk by Elder Costa this past Conference. We attempted to
set them on date but they still want to learn more and to see a
baptismal service (there wasn't one coming up but keep scanning ahead
for the miracle)! Best birthday!!! Love you padres!!!

Friday: Zone Training Meeting for the Cookeville Zone. I gave my first
training in front of a Zone so that was something new. Also I sang in
front of people for the first time in my life hahaha. We did a Quartet
with Elder Porter, Elder Urry, Elder Hatch, and I! District Unity
though. I got to talk to President Griffin as well about some of the
things that went down last area as well and he reassured me that I was
doing great and that I tried my best. Supposedly we had like a 30
minute interview and everyone was wondering why it was so long hahaha,
love that man.

Saturday: First off, we play basketball at the church every Saturday
with a bunch if nonmember college kids which is a definite plus to the
week. So fun, and let's us get a back into a competitive zone that
lacks sometimes with missionaries haha. We had a Branch Easter
Activity for the kids (East per egg hunt, etc.) and we had a pen
investigator FAMILY come. The Lopez Family. There are two parents and
with 4 kids ages 14 and younger!! PRAY FOR THEM ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Sunday: Today was just a day off miracles! First off, we had 11 people
come to church! The whole Lopez Family, Esther y Raul y Anthony, and
Monse and her family!!! It was unreal in that sense. Most of them
stayed throughout the whole service! Afterwards, we were discussing
with President Ueki who had talked with Monse about having us teach
and baptize her son Jared! He has a date set up for April 23 and also
they said that next week they will have a date decided for getting
married!!!!!!! Not only will Jared get baptized but so will Monse! So
stoked. We also had the Easter Musical afterwards which we also sang
in:) The Lopez Family came to that as welll!!

The work is rolling and we are always working. This has been the most
tiring week of my mission so far hahaha. We get home and hit the beds
so hard it is very satisfying. I know the the Lord is the author of
all these successes that have been happening and as we continue to
work hard with patience in our afflictions the Lord will bless us and
others around us!

Scripture of the Week: Matthew 6:30-34

Love y'all

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