Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Title: Una Comienza Nueva en La Tierra Prometida

Buenasss!!!!!!! Absolutely insane week here in the mish life of Elder
Mac! For those of y'all who haven't heard I've been transferred to
Lebanon Tennessee which is super close to Nashville!! I'm serving here
in the Lebanon 2nd Spanish Branch which has about 50 active members!!
They are all amazing straight up. Love these Hispanics though!!:) The
vibe here in Lebanon is super chill and there's a lot of great people!
My companion Elder Hatch is the MAN!!

I hope all of you enjoyed this last General Conference!! Conference on
the mission is probably one of the best things on the mission hands
down. Learned SO much!!!

Also I turn 20 years old this Thursday April 6... time flies my
goodness....sorry momma I can't stop it:/

Tuesday: spent most of the day packing up all of our stuff and saying
goodbye to a few families in the Poplar Creek Ward that I really
wanted to see!! The Phillips family fed us a ton of Hawaiian and
Samoan food so that ended it all on a fantastic note. Great people!
For the most part just had a nice chill day of seeing everyone.

Wednesday: today was probably one of the craziest days of my mission.
We left to Farragut for transfers and saw a lot of familiar faces
including MY FIRST MTC COMPANION ELDER DEITEGE!!!!!! He came back out
after going home for a few months and we went nuts when we saw each
other! Kinda like one of those hugging/running to each other movie
scenes lol! Departing we left to Lebanon with a truck full of
missionaries and unloaded my stuff and immediately went out to work!!
We taught like 7 lessons and I had the opportunity to meet several
members and the majority of our main investigator pool! Ate some carne
asada burritos to start it off🙃 just a lot of action that can't be
put into words!! Love the new start.

Thursday: one unique thing we do in this area is teach an English
class! We have a few people that come regularly (2) but we will try to
get more there! It's someone I've never done before and it makes me
use a side of my brain that has never been activated...ever hahaha.
Elder Hatchbis pretty good at teaching it so he's helping me with
that. I've been out a transfer longer than him so we're pretty close!

Friday: Weekly planning sesh with Hatch and it was a long one. We had
to clean out the area Book and really buckle down and set some goals
for this transfer and who we want to work with and what better angles
we can take at the work here. One golden investigator we have her name
is Monse and she is ready to get baptized and super active already but
her boyfriend who is a less active doesn't want to get married so we
are working with them and also teaching there 8 year son Jared to
prepare him for baptism!

Saturday: LA CONFERENCIA GENERAL!! We watched it in English which is
niceeeeeee. Had some investigators named Esther y Raul come to the
morning session and afterwards we asked them how hey felt about it.
They LOVED IT. They've been taught for awhile and we attempted to set
them on baptismal dates for this month but they said they would like
to pray about it! Sounds good to me haha🙏🏼

Sunday: my favorite talk by far was the one given by President
Utchdorf at the end of the morning session. He talked a lot about
leading and helping others out of love and sincerity of heart and also
the ways in which we should not lead others such as my fear and other
vices. Tommy Monson came through with a beautiful talk about being
kind to others as well. He's a legend.

My new address is: 1007 B Amelia Place Lebanon, Tennessee 37090

I am SO excited to be able to work in this area! It is slow, but some
prime potential is in the books for sure! All I know is I love it here
so far and hope to be in this area for quite some time:) super similar
to my first area for sure! I LOVE YALL

Elder Macdonald

1. Ciao Pescao Ming Fam
2. Straight Outa Dalton
3. Birthday Boys (April 6) including Jesucristo
4. México MTC Fam
5. Detiege thoooo
6-7 Hatch tho
8. Helping Perla with Passport forms lol


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