Monday, April 17, 2017


Well this week's adversity was completely anticipated given last week
was insanely miraculous hahaha. One thing I love about the Gospel of
Jesus Christ is that if we have a strong foundation and abide in his
love even challenges and can be a joyful experience. This week was
honestly fantastic straight up. Little different outline this week
tho! Investigators:

Jared Gonzalez: he's 8 and his dad is fairly inactive (making a
comeback) he's getting baptized this coming weekend. April 23! We
taught him almost everything so far. He's a super smart kid and
definitely wants to make this choice on his own. Freakin love him
hahaha. He asked me to confirm him.

Monse Castillo: she is Jared's mom. She's been investigating the
church for years straight up. Her and her boyfriend haven't picked a
date for marriage yet but keep them in your prayers! She wants to get
baptized so bad....πŸ€™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Ether y Raul Fines: they are from El Salvador (s/o to Eli Wade again)
and didn't make it to church this week:/ flaked on us. But they really
want to see a baptism before they decide on their own to become
members so this week will be perfect for that!

Lopez Family: Dad-Candilario, Mom- Maria, Kids- Omar, Christina,
Itzel, and a little baby boy. They came to church again this week!! He
only thing is we literally haven't been able to get in and teach them
any lessons, but they've came to all our events and meetings. Have an
Appt this week and we're hoping to push for baptism πŸ€™πŸΌ

Itzel y Karina Aguirre: they chicas are like 21 and 25 are progressing
so well but just cannot come to church...they're the ones who threw a
BDay party for me πŸŽ‰ Itzel has work schedule problems and Karina is a
flojera right now... step by step with them!

District Update: I love being District Leader! Especially when you get
to see others having success in their areas of work! One thing I've
done well so far is following up with all the missionaries in the
district on commitments that I've given them or that we've all been
given. One of which is inviting investigators to be baptized in the
first lessons through initially establishing our purpose with them and
then following through at the end. One example. We had a very fun and
spiritual District Meeting on Wednesday and centered everything upon
the Atonement of Jesus Christ. One thing that struck out to me is that
if we truly recognize the role which the Savior's Atonement plays in
our lives our desire and capacity to share it with others will grow

Companion Background: Elder Hatch is from Twin Falls, Idaho. He has a
twin brother serving in Houston and was a wrestler 🀼 football player,
and is super hard working. He's been out for 7 and 1/2 months. He's
pretty solid at Spanish as well!

Spiritual Moment: This week I had the opportunity to testify of the
Plan of Salvation specifically, a lot more than usual. One thing stuck
out to me this week. I asked dozens of people what they thought the
purpose of this life is, and no one could give me an answer. How
blessed are we to know our divine purpose as sons and daughters of God
here on this earth. I know that God had a plan before this life for us
to come here and to learn and grow (through experience), to have
bodies and families just like he does, so that eventually we can
return back to his presence with the relationships we've made and the
knowledge we've gained. I know families are forever. I know that
trials are a part of us becoming who God knows and wants us to be.
Brother and Sister Heap and the Heap family I love all of you. I know
this is true. There's no way it isn't.

Elder Macdonald

 Feliz Pascua 🐣🐣🐣

 Happy Easter everybody!!!! I hope you all
enjoyed the weekend and the opportunity the world took to celebrate
Jesus Christ and his Atonement! I'm not going to lie holidays on the
mission are so weird hahaha. Something about this time of year (just
like Christmas) where every seems a bit more happier:)

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