Monday, May 1, 2017


Birthday Shout out to my bro Alex last week!!!!!!! Big man turned 23
and is still going strong. Love you big bro๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ This week was probably
one of the most action packed/unique/ exitoso weeks of the mission so
far! Lebanon is a beautiful little town. Cedars of Lebanon baby!!

Monday: Last PDAY we had to get in some Easter festivities. I made an
Easter egg hunt for the District in the church hahaha and afterwards
did a bunch of classic stuff with eggs such as "Egg Roulette". Took
like a 4 hour nap on a couch. We are working hard.

Tuesday: We went on a Power-Up to Cookeville to work in the Zone
Leaders area. I went with Elder Huskinson to work all day. Husky is
from Cache Valley, Utah. His Dad is the creator of the I-Frog phone
cases which is insane. We both have the same interests regarding
business post-mission so we hit if off. Worked all day and even met
this dude from Canada named Paul Robinson. He totally looks like he's
from Cali. Flip flops, tan, everything. Probably the coolest guy I've
met on my mission. He's getting baptized for sure. Felt like a
vacation for us! Tried Cracker Barrel for the first time๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ

Wednesday: Today wow... so we Drive 1 hour back from Cookeville after
our Power Up and about 5 minutes after returning we got a call from
our Vehicle Coordinator that they had a Brand New 2017 Chevy Malibu
waiting for us!!! We immediately got back in our car and drove (4
hours) to Knoxville and swapped our Carrolla out. Not going to lie
this car is nicer than any car I drove back home. Counting our
blessings for sure. The Drive back to Lebanon was probably one of the
most beautiful drives I've ever been apart of. The South is beautiful.
Had celebratory Chipolte in Knoxville (y'all know how much I love that
place). This car has all the newly added car features you can imagine.
Loving life!!!!

Thursday: First day with the new car was a Batchelor feeling indeed.
Sorry I'm talking about this so much but just love it so much haha. I
love the Lord! We had an amazing split tonight. I went with Hermano
Aleuenda to visit La Familia Rojo while Elder Hatch went with Oscar (a
recent convert) to visit Jared y Monse! We had an amazing visit with
la Familia Rojo whom are having some family troubles. Aleuenda's
testimony fue tan fuerte and even was in tears as he was relating to
their situation! Super successful night:)

Friday: So Lebanon got hit with an entire weekend of straight rain. It
started off last night and continued all the way through Monday. I
love it here when it rains because mist and fog descend everywhere.
Looks almost apocalyptic but still green and pretty:) We spent the
vital hours tonight on Team Ups inviting our main investigators to our
baptismal service for Jared!

Saturday: Chapped left and right while pouring rain. We got into some
family's home though! There were a lot of adults and kids but we
started off the lesson with singing a song in Spanish in front of
everyone. We sang "Jospeh Smith's First Prayer" and then taught the
Restoration. Hope we planted some seeds there! Cici's Pizza Dinna with
the other Elders

Sunday: Church was fantastic. Baptismal service for Jared Gonzalez was
even better. It honestly lasted like 2 1/2 hours. We had  10-15  non
members come including 10 investigators who all got front row! Elder
Hatch gave a talk on Baptism and I had the opportunity to confirm him
as a member of the Church! Afterwards the Hispanic Feast began with
endless tacos, horchata, carne asada. Straight heaven. It was amazing
to see Jared and his family so happy. This was such a big step for
their family!! Love them so much.

I was reading in Matthew 14 this week when Jesus Christ spoke boldly
to the Pharisees and his Apostles said to him, "Know ye not that you
offended them?" I thought about this statement a lot this week
especially when we had others condemning my beliefs. We should never
be afraid to share what we know to be true even if others may not like
it. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior! He's my example! What a
wonderful week!


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