Monday, May 15, 2017


My oh my what an unbelievable week here in the great state of
Tennessee!!! But forget all that.

Lori Marie Wade Macdonald. What a rockstar of a mother I have. There
is no greater love  than that of a mother for her child, and a child
for his mother. Just a little background on my momma she is blonde
haired, blue eyed with a personality that is indescribable by human
words. She is an adventurer and a dare devil. She sets goals and
achieves them. She is determined by all her nature to love and nurture
her family and friends. She is the best woman I know. She has played a
role in shaping me in whom I have become today. She has never left my
side, even after not living at home for two years. She loves life, and
life loves her. Happy Mother´s Day Momma and also HAPPY 49th Birthday
this week on the 18th!!! Spoil her familia!!!!

Lunes. We went on a gorgeous hike in the Cedars of Lebanon State Park
as a District. Tennessee is such a beautiful place to be in my
goodness. Green trees, green fields, and all the South you can ask

Martes. We taught Perla Chavarria today with one of members and we set
her o a baptismal date of June 10! What had been happening with her is
every time we went in it was hard to have a focused lesson because she
was half talking care of her kids as well, but we established our
purpose with boldness but not overbearing, and she accepted to begin

MiƩrcoles. My companion and I traveled to Knoxville today and we had a
lot of crazy experiences. The main thing throughout the day was we
stopped at the Mission Home and I had the opportunity to say goodby
for quite some time to one of my favorite companions Elder Reyes!! He
served his time and is heading back to
Phoenix! Ate a the mission home with all of them and got to talk to
my main man Presidente Griffin. He leaves at the beginning of July.

Jueves. There's this area of town which we also end of traveling to a
few times throughout the week, but there was this one street that we
never hit. We felt impressed to go talk to everyone of that street ad
we met Ortensia Martinez, a 13 year old who wanted to learn more about
Christ. And she knew very very little. So we sat Down with her and
taught about faith, repentance, and baptism and committed her to be
baptized on June 4! Just need family support and permission!

Viernes. Today we had another rainy day here in the South so we spent
the majority of it planning and putting in work for the area. Gorgeous
day to be outside. I'd say the best part of today was definitely
heading back to that same area as the day before. We taught the
neighbor of Ortensia named Daisy from San Diego so we definitely hit
it off about that! We had an awesomely spiritual lesson teaching about
how there is a living prophet today! Ill update on that.

Sabado. Ohhhhh man happened to just run into my best friend and his
family here in Lebanon hahaha the Woodburns came in and my boy Keenan
and Morgan were there as well. We all had an awesome lunch at Cracker
Barrel (fine dining here in the South) and just had a fantastic time.
Love yall!!!

Domingo. Do I even need to say the highlight of my week!! Facetimed
the family and got to see my brother Jake, Josh, and Alex for the
first time in months!! Momma and Pops always there supporting me. Saw
my new baby cousin SPENCER!! So cool. Shout out to my cousin Cade for
getting his mission call to ARGENTINA!!! My man. I had the firmest
testimony that family is the most important thing in this life. I love
my family with all my heart and I know for a fact that families like
this do not happen by accident. When we centralize ourselves in the
fundamentals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will have successful
(happy) families. Love yall. Stay golden familia!!!!!

Life is Good. Shaka

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