Monday, May 15, 2017


Transfers came this week and Elder Hatch and I are staying in Lebanon
for another 6 weeks together!! Putting in work for this city though!
This is Elder Hatch's 4th transfer here so he knows the streets here
like the back on his hand. Shout out to my boy Elder Reyes who is
going home this Thursday back to the valley of the Sun!!! Ciao Pescao

Lunes: Happy Mayo! Last PDAY we went to a members house out in
Gordonsville which was some of the most beautiful back country I've
ever seen in Tennessee! Vacas, trocas, y campo! We also went to a
massive dam they had as well. The area is in danger of flooding due to
a leak in it. They had a goat farm in their house and they fed us the
best chicken Parmesan in the league.

Martes: Servicio alllllll day! We were helping some of our members get
a house ready for real estate agents to come and take pictures of to
put up for sale. We did all the outdoor landscaping which including
unloading 10 Tons of soil and mud hahaha my back is done. Elder Porter
and I went on a mini split today too! We met a lady who used to be a
member who had a drastic concern about temple work and didn't belief
in it. After some following of spiritual prompting she opened up to us
and said she'd like for the Elders to come back and start teaching

Wednesday: there's this guy. Hermano Salazar. He's a legend. He used
to be our Branch President but now he's in the English Ward! He
finally came out on a split with us tonight and gave us some of the
most golden advice on how we can get the members more involved in our
missionary work. Basically he got me so hyped up it brought me back to
my football days haha

Thursday: D-Meeting this week went super well. We always go a bit
overtime because we all have a super fun time. I try to create a
relaxed, fun atmosphere while also bringing the Spirit into our
trainings. Our District only has two baptismal dates for the month of
June. Since I got here those numbers have fluctuated but this place
has taken a complete turn around. The missionaries here are excited to
work and are obedient. The success will be given on God's time not
ours:). My training this week was about the first thing people really
notice about a person, or the first thing people notice about us when
we knock their doors or stop them in the streets. I emphasized that
people radiate off what they see in your eyes (windows of the soul).
We need to make sure when we talk to these people that we see them
with the same amount of potential and love that our Heavenly Father
does which can be demonstrated by having hope (optimism, enthusiasm,
confidence, and patient perseverance)! We had a super fun Pamphlet
role play as well. Also had exchanges with Elder Urry. We had the time
of our lives. Every time I go on an exchange it rains. They had the
perfect day set up too and everything fell through. Still a really fun
day haha:)

Friday: ¡Cinco de Mayo! You already know our branch had a rage hard
party haha. Best night ever. Hispanics are crazy when the music comes
on hahaha. Previously though, we were driving and I had the prompting
to go see and old Referral the Sisters gave us as we were driving by
and we ended up meeting Efrain Luna whom we talked to for like an hour
or so. Take away for the chat with him is that is that we should
always act on those first promptings we receive.

Saturday: first time playing basketball in weeks. I sucked haha sorry
Jake. We helped some English members for most of our day doing some
service for them. By the way Dad I've learned to love yard work out
here!! It was this dude named Chad's Bday. He lives the life I want to
live. He showed us a video called "The Wanderlust King". Shows him
traveling all over the world. That'll be the day. We had a BBQ at
their place. Their fire pit is a giant dug-up tree foundation. So
dope! Esther and Raul were up late so we hung out with them and shared
a brief message and ate pupusas. Viva la Vida.

Sunday: we got flaked on and no one came to church, but all good. We
took part in a record for me of 5 priesthood blessings! They are a lot
of women in the ward who haven't been feeling great and also my
companion and I were insisted to sit down and receive blessings so
that we could perform miracles. Hermano Alduenda who is probably the
funniest guy I know, took part in all this as well and gave us the
blessings to be able to perform our priesthood duties haha. Guapos!

Another transfer down and another one to make some improvements. Elder
Hatch and I have figured out our game plan and we ready to shoot for
the stars ✨!! I'm enjoying my time here in Lebanon. It's a chill place
with good people and good food. What more can I ask for. This week
I've learned a lot about humility and how in order to be able to apply
the "enabling power" of The Atonement of Jesus Christ we need to
humble ourselves and recognize that who God wants us to be in someone
different that who we want to be sometimes.

Scripture of the Week: Ether 12:27 (God is the author of our
weaknesses, not Lucifer)

Elder Macdonald


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