Monday, May 1, 2017


Hola Familia this week was a straight roller coaster for sure!! Big
news from this week is that we as a mission are finally going to be
able to attend a temple!!!! The closest ones are the Nashville,
Atlanta, and Columbia Temples!:)

Monday: PDAY we had a BBQ at the sisters apartment and played some
doubles in tennis! We got to extend our PDAY for an hour because we
had a morning appointment so that was definitely spent taking a nap

Tuesday: Elder Hatch's birthday was today. To be honest we stayed up
last night watching some movies just to celebrate a bit haha.
Throughout the day we did a ton of service and went to a Mexican Ice
Cream shop for a little fiesta! The Sisters decorated our door again
and gave us a bunch of treats which was chill. Just another day on the

Wednesday: we got a little taste of heat today! So hot outside and in
the morning it felt good enough for long sleeves but as the day went
on it was roasting. Today was pretty sweet because we met a few really
solid people to teach, one named Carrie Ruiz who really wants to learn
more about Jesus Christ! She said this year she had finally figured
out why we celebrate Easter so that really has sparked her curiosity.

Thursday: we made a schedule switch today to where we wake up and do a
few of our studies and then we will leave the apartment around 10 and
come back for lunch and studies later. Staying in the apartment can
feel like a jail cell so that switch was needed haha. Spiritual
experiences today were slim but we did help this family build a
trampoline so that made my day haha. It's hilarious the things you can
do just by keeping your eyes open

Friday: Zone Conference day!!! We traveled to Cookeville in the Mali.
The trainings were all fantastic and extremely inspiring. I got called
up in front of the entire zone to do a "role play" to demonstrate how
we can use pamphlet to teach people. Intense though. President then
to,d us that Temples are now available to this mission. For those of
you who want to know, President Griffin is always on the prowl to rake
in new opportunities and resources for the missionaries! My jaw
dropped when the announcement came in!

Saturday: Back to back days in Cookeville! Stake service activity in
which we were all being dispersed to help out particular families in
the stake! I remember Elder Hatch and I rode in the bed of a pickup
heading out to this very remote trailer in the forest to help this guy
named Sam. The Drive was comparable to Hawaii, it is so beautiful here
in Tennessee right now!!!

Sunday: our main family we are working with, the Fines Family (Esther
y Raul) came to church today!:) they have told us that they eventually
want to be baptized! However they feel like they need to start making
habits of doing the little things first such as reading, praying, and
coming to church! Are Branch President invited them over for dinner
and we just had an enjoyable night together:) also gave a talk:)

Invitation from me today: when it comes to living the gospel of Jesus
Christ, don't just "endure to the end", but enjoy to the end. Life is
meant to be enjoyed and if we aren't enjoying it we can make the
changes in our life to do so through Christ! Love y'all:)

Elder Macdonald

Tennessee Knoxville Mission


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