Saturday, June 3, 2017


If any of you are wondering about the title of my weekly this week,
whenever I see hispanics in the streets I usually yell "AYYYYY
HERMANOS!!!!" And they get so happy or think I am super weird but hey
that is how it goes hahaha. Aquí estamos encontrando los hispanos en
los calles!

Lunes: Fuimos a Cookeville for the whole day an hung out with that
District because we would be going on a power up with the Zone Leaders
ELDER SANDERS my boy from good ole Oak Ridge!! I made a lot of new
friends that day as well. Elder Sanders and I went out together and we
ended up giving a blessing to this man who had been struggling with
illness quite a bit. Very spiritual experience, especially teaching
him about faith. We got dinner and caught up on the good times.

Martes: I went out with the other ZL Elder Lakko today to spend some
more time in Cookeville and we met this lady named Ashlie who has jus
been through every crappy thing known to man in her life. The first
thing he said to us when she answered the door was "did you know Jesus
as black?" Yea I am spiritual". With some patience and diligence we
ended up teaching her the Plan of Salvation and how this gospel can
help her be happy in this life. Freakin awesome

Miércoles: Miracle of the week. Elder Hatch and I were out for about
3-4 straight hours of just nothing happening and on the way to a
service activity we decided to stop at this house in which we saw some
Hispanics at. Una Hermana answered the door and she immediately let us
in and gave us waters and sat us down on their couch. She invited all
her kids in to listen to us. The mothers name is Marisela and she has
several kids. She is so freakin awesome that she was even taking notes
as we were teaching her. I will update more on her next week fam:)

Jueves: D-Meeting tho, I gave a training on how we can use the Book of
Mormon as a better tool to answer peoples questions and to teach using
the stories within it. Highly awesome, very spiritual. Read 2 Nephi 5:
6, 10, 12, 15,16, and 27. I call it the "Formula of Happiness". Love
it. Le Amo Hermana Zuniga!

Viernes: Best thing from today was we met a young engaged coupled
named the Farmers who were baptized a few years ago but now are
inactive as a result of not feeling welcome at church because of their
circumstances which always sadden my heart. We Should always love
those around us even if they are in different circumstances regarding
worthiness or trying to make things right. We expressed our apologies
and they told us they want to start coming back to church! They are in
the English ward but we will work with then on a weekly basis. They
need Christ in their lives.

Saturday: Yoo I ran over my toe with a chair cart (completely full) so
like destroyed by toe o couldn't play basketball lol, but hey we had
the coolest lesson. We taught Esther and Raul with a young couple in
our Branch about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and keeping the
Commandments. Since they're from El Salvador we compared a Pupusa to
the church meetings. The Sacrament is the meat, beans, or cheese
inside and Sunday School is la maíz and Relief Society and Priesthood
are las verduras and salsa that you put on top. Gracias a Dios para

Domingo: They did in fact come to church but decided to leave after
Sacrament. They are lazy. So we working on that with them. But hey we
also are teaching this 22 year old black kid named Nick who will
definitely be baptized. So stoked.

All in all, better week, more fun, finding new ways to enjoy life out
here and also to work smart. The love the Lord my goodness. He is
continually helping me to take my weaknesses to help them become
strengths. It is getttiiinnnnnnn hawwtttt out here in Tennessee. This
will be a summer I will never forget. Love y'all. I love the Gospel. I
love the Book of Mormon. It is all good and all true. Ciao Pescao!!!


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