Saturday, June 3, 2017


Yes we are currently having a companionship movie night watching the
Testaments my oh my i remembering cryin with my boys in Mexico City
haha fantastic movie. I do not have much of an introduction. Wellll
this week was a solid one ☝️Vamos muchachos

Lunes: not going to lie, top 2 coolest PDays took place today! We plus
8 other missionaries went to a cave in Cedars of Lebanon State Park!
It was actually pretty insane. It had rained a few days before so when
we went it was super muddy. We can out drenched! This week was perfect
weather all around!

Martes: We started off the morning by teaching the Farmer family the
Restoration to help them rekindle their testimonies. Teaching that
lesson honestly it makes so much sense. God has and always will work
through prophets to help establish his church with his Gospel. Tuesday
is always the best because of the amount of service we get to do. Also
we have every Tuesday Una Noche de Futbol 🥅 and that has been pretty
successful! We had the Lopez Family come and play! The family that
came to like every activity for like two weeks straight then dropped

Miércoles: There are these two vatos we are working with named Ramon y
Mauricio de Mexico and they are pretty cool. They are probably the
most sincere Hispanics I have ever met. Ramon lost his wife back in
November and loves to learn about the good word. Mauricio is a very
honest guy who tells us straight up what he is feeling which is
awesome. Will update on them more as we go along.

Jueves: Last Interview with President Griffin went down toady out in
Cookeville. I learn so much from him every time I meet with him. He
told me many things that I needed to hear and some things to look
forward to. He started the interview with a question: "How have you
changed thus far on the mission?". It cannot be put into words how
much this mission has changed me.

Viernes: Bought this less active girl a sonic shake in hopes she will
come back to church haha so hope that works out. But hey my man Elder
Hess and I went on a mini exchange today and I got to talk with this
one dude named Justin who has recently went through a divorce and has
had basically everything taken away from him and is on the come up. We
talked to him about the purpose of life and why he go through trials
and tribulations in this life. He took some of our materials and even
gave me a book called "Enduring Life or Enjoying Life?"

Sabado: Saturday Basketball 🏀 went off. Heard about Cavs vs Warriors
Rd 3. Curry! We are still trying to commit Raul y Esther to baptism
but they had some concerns today that we attempted to resolve. They
have faith in Christ and even belief the Book of Mormon is true but
are not willing to act (repent) yet. We are just trying to bring the
Spirit into their homes so they may feel the desire to come unto
Christ and to repent. By the way there was probably the most insane
Thunderstorm I have ever been in this entire day! Strikes so strong
that it was shaking everything!!

Domingo: Went to the English ward this morning because we brought my
boy Nick Stevenson to church. Just so happened to come on the day
where they taught the Law of Chastity in Sunday School. We got a good
laugh out of that hahaha but my old Ward Mission leader from Oak Ridge
came up along with a few members to visit some friends they had up
here and they invited us to dinner! Super grateful to have seen them.
Time flies folks.

One thing I was studying this week was virtue from Preach My Gospel.
Virtue to me really is just a characteristic that embodies all good
things, or all things in accordance with the Spirit. To measure how
virtuous we truly are we can observe what we continually think about
when we are "alone" or when we think no one is watching. Often times
sin or temptations come into our mind but if we are consistently
trying to think of virtuous things in life we will have the Lord's
Spirit to be with us! Memorize a scripture folks.

D&C 6:36- Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.

Happy Memorial Day Amigos. Shout out to all those who have served and
are serving this great nation!

Elder Mac


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