Sunday, June 11, 2017


Woah. This week was pretty legit out here in Leb! Y'all no creerían lo qué pasó este fin de semana! The weather has taken a dramatic change starting this weekend. The humidity has cranked up and will continue to do so (so excited woooo)! I remember walking out of the apartment with my sunglasses on and they immediately fogged up.. Ooo it is thick! This just a couple things I want to talk about this week! 

La Noche de Película: so last week in Branch counsel we decided we wanted to do a movie night again and we had less than a week to get it going! We went to Office Max and printed off a bunch of invitations! Having something like that to pass around always makes people a bit more open to talking! We passed all those out and invited everyone we could to come this Saturday Night! We had only one investigator come and a bunch of members but hey! We watched The Testaments (best movie in the league) and enjoyed the night. 

Nashville: this was by far the most awesome thing that happened this week! Monse and her family (we baptized her son Jared a few weeks back) asked us to come with them to Antioch to watch Jared's soccer games and her husband Adrian is the coach! Talk about Hispanic town by goodness they were everywhere. We enter into the city and their was like 5 supermercados immediately and where we were watching the games there were Hispanic everywhere! We even went out to eat together at a local taqueria in which I ate my heart out! Lengua y Carne Asada. I'm going to by a soccer jersey now, I'm sold! But after all that Adrian and Monse drove us around only on the freeway (we were short on time) to see Nashville! We drove past the downtown area and saw the skyscrapers, bridges, and also the Titans Football Stadium! My face my so red by the end of the day but that was un día asombroso en el Campo. Vacación con una familia que necesita nuestro apoyo:) 🤙🏼🙏🏼🛣

El Domingo de Ayuno: Fast Sunday Esther, Raul, and Monse all came to church! I got up and bore by testimony today using several Book of Mormon scriptures. One scripture that stood out to me this week was Moroni 8:25-26. In verse 26 it talks a lot about desirable Christlike treasures we all want to develop and in verse 25 it describes the way in which we may do so! Give it a read! They all loved church by the way! Monse, she still needs to get married and we are trying to focus on her more! Esther and Raul we are going to teach them about temples this week! They are El Salvadoreños so Elijah Wade this one is for you man!! 

This week our district has started a 40 day Fast of putting "sacrifices" upon the alter so we may experience the purification and sanctification that comes from being obedient and following Christ. Pretty awesome! District Training for that. One time this week Elder Hatch and I ran around like lunatics on the streets talking to as many people as we could getting absolutely hype. I cannot rally explain it. But it was fun and so was this week! Love you all:) 

Elder Mac 


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