Wednesday, August 10, 2016


WHAT A WEEK!!!!!! The Mexico MTC is a thrill ride for real tho!.....not really! but still it was a great week. I am going to go ahead and jump into my favorite moments from each week, but to begin with i want you all to know how great I am doing. I am loving life here. The weather is fantastic, the people are fun, the facilities are top notch, the food is BOMB, and the gospel is just beautiful!!!

Aug4.This day is what is known as the P Day Blues, for obvious reasons. We had the best pday and then the very next day you just have to jump right back into it! for those of you who want to know my daily schedule, i wake up at 6 am every morning, get fed 3 meals a day, get an hour and a half of gym time, and then for the remainder of that time i am sitting in a classroom trying to gather all of my attention and focus to learn the language of spanish and also gosepl principles! EMBRACE THE GRIND

Aug 5: On this day we read the story in Alma about how the people of Ammon buried their weapons of war *anti nephi lehis* and so our teacher made paper swords and we each buried habits and thoughts that we would get rid of in order to become better missionaries. Also Elder Hunt and I decided to stand on chairs to where our heads would be showing in the windows and a bunch of latinos thought we were insanely tall. Classic

Aug 6: We started our fast for fast Sunday on this Saturday and that's when things got really weird and cranky. For example Elder Wengler wouldnt stop using his umbrella as a lightsaber and by the end of the night I had created a game to where we could toss markers into the tray of a whiteboard and created a point system and related it to Spanish somehow. Even got my teacher to participate and he beat me in the championship.. The game probably made no sense by the way i just explained it but it was fun. Hermana Sanchez is one of our new teachers and she is an angel. We gave a lesson to her about the restoration and she was in tears and the spirit was pretty awesome. 

Aug 7: Today was the sabbath day and definately the best day of this week. I had the opporuntity to stand up and bear my testimony in sacrament meeting and also give my first public spanish prayer which was kinda cool. We had an amazing lesson in sunday school with my district and one of the key things that stood out was how if we have charity all else will come with it *Moroni 7: 45/46* We also had several devotionals starting with a devo given by president call on the Atonement of Jesus Christ "as your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase". I know thAT to continue to progress as not only as a missionary but as a person i need to constantly seek the love and forgiveness of my Savior and God. The best thing of this day was the video we watched on Elder Bednar giving a talk at the Provo MTC on Christmas Day one year ago about THE CHARACTER OF CHRIST. He identified how there was not a single instance in the Saviors life in which he wasnt reaching outwards to others. Love my Savior. I invite all of you to listen to that talk if you can find it

Aug 8: Today i was feeling my love for my Savior so much that i wrote my entire journal entry about him which I will share: The Spirit of God is upon me as i am writing this. Even though I had a great day and we had some great memories I just have to share my testimony of this absolutely beautiful gospel. My heart is full. Full of gratitude for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Redeemer. The Mediator. The Lamb of God. I know that he walks uprightly with me. I feel his influence in everything....beautiful. Because everything beautiful was created by him and every witness i have of his creations is a witness of him. And then I marvel that he would want to safe a rebellious soul such as I. a soul who has made countless mistakes and even mocked his greatness in reality in this lifetime, and he still extends his hand to me. To pull me back.....back to him...back to where I and countless others may be most happy in this life and the life to come. I know that my Savior broke the bonds and loosened the chains, and carried the cross on my shame! I know that he loves me. I know he believes in me and if i am faithful and diligent unto his will and the will of the Father; I will be blessed in my life, allowing me to bless the lives of countless, precious souls. My love and knowledge of the Savior has never been this exponential and I cannot wait to share it in Tennessee and hereafter. 

Aug 9: We watched another devotional given by Elder Andersen at the Provo MTC, and the mmain quote that stuck with me was "Do NOT let that fire die" the fire referring to out testimonies and desire to share them

Aug 10: And today I am privaledged to be writing all of yall and also I get to attend the Mexico City Temple again today! 

I want to again thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for me as I embark on this great service! I love all of you and I love the church and this restored Gospel. I am continously in prayer for all of you as well! Have a great week.   Here is the scripture of the week: MOSIAH 3:19.

Elder Macdonald 

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