Thursday, August 18, 2016


Wooooooo what a week here in the CCM!!!! I´ll jump right into to it since there´s nothing crazy out of the ordinary with my schedule. 

Aug 11: So i heard that someone discovered a temple in Belize that had some relation to the Book of Mormon? someone confirm this for me please hahaha

Aug 12: So i think my favorite memory from this day was when me and my dude Elder Harrast had a long talk about our parents. Our parents are so in common, especially our dads, but it is crazy how much more appreciative and thankful you are (I still was before the mish ;)) for the people that love you most when they are not here! Miss yáll so much and I challenge all of you to make sure you express your love and appreciation for those people you love everyday!!! LOVE YOU PADRES and tambien mi familia y mis amigos amores!!!! 

Aug 13: MTC Splash Bros ........our district absolutely took over basketball today, and if you know me you probably know how competitive and fun it is for me. Elder Orgill made like 8/11 3 pointers and i had a similar number haha the Elders we were playing got so mad at us...... if any of you didnt know here in the MTC we usually spend around 10 hours a day in classroom so when it comes to gym time, it´s a big thing haha. 

Aug 14: I had the opportunity to give my first church talk in Spanish about Charity, or the pure love of Christ. My main message was that if may have this Christ-like attribute for everything and everyone in our lifes everything will fall into place for us. Though it is irrational to be able to develop charity to that degree, i know that if we strive every day to have Christ like love we will be blessed and others will be as well. 

Aug 15: Anyone seen that commercial of that dude who tries to fold that sheet that goes over the mattress? "There are no corners!!!" haha anyways ya i learned how do fold one today with the help of the locals here haha! also after a long day of hard work we walked into the Casa to find a dozen latinos having a massive pillow fight, so instinctively I joined in the barrage and we suffered many casualties. I remember many of our Elders yelling "America!!!!" several times....classic. Also one of my Elders here ran his own shoe shining business in Idaho so he taught me how to do that haha

Aug 16: Today was unreal, and mostly because of the lesson My companions and I taught......after the lesson our fake investigator....knowing this was just practice....felt the Holy Ghost confirm the words (in a different language) of 3 19 year old young men. I was beyond happy. The MTC is teaching me so much, and one of the best things i have learned is that we as missionaries are just instruments in the hands of God attempting to convey the truths that we know through bearing the Holy Ghost. Our lesson became his lesson. 

Now since I have been on a pattern of sharing classic memories, i want to share briefly a little bit about a few members of my district. 

Elder Hunt: The shoeshiner from Twin Falls Idaho is serving his mission in Houston Texas. This guy always has smile on his face and is definitely one of my best friends here. He is also unreal at basketball!! His voice sounds like Kronk from Emperors New Groove!!!

Elder Keeler: This Elder is from st george utah and is serving in Long beach califronia!!! He is Elder Hunt´s companion and probably 5 times a day he asks "where is my companion??" He´s a good guy, prefers to read over anything

Elder Harrast: Best soccer player i have ever seen! Serving in Long Beach as well and he is from Maryland! This guy is one of the more laid back Elders so we get along really well! 

Elder Poulson: The Elder from South Jordan Utah serving in Long Beach Cali also has the nickname of Nemo (he gave it to himself) because one of his arms is shorter than the other. Kind of cool, he loves it. Such a nice guy though and he has a lot of knowledge about the Gospel. 

Scripture of the Week: 2 Nephi 4:28, open those scriptures and go read it!!!

Quote: "Welcome to the Work of Angels"

T minus two weakness until I am in Tennessee doing this marvelous work!!!! I cant express my appreciation enough to all of you! I know it sounds repetitive but for real the love you all give me means so much to me! I am working my tail off and getting better every single day! Hope everyone can do the same! We are here on this Earth to learn and progress for such a short time! Lets not waste it!!!! Love all of you!!! have the best week! 


Elder Macdonald 

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