Saturday, August 27, 2016


Hey this is my entry for my last week at the MTC!!!!

T minus 6 days till this Elder is being shipped off to Tennessee!!!! And might I say i am so happy to be able to come back to the Greatest country in the world. This week once again was a roller coaster, especially for me personally!

Having the opportunity to email and receive emails is like Christmas morning every single week. I look forward to this day so much! My emails havent been crazy interesting just because of the MTC experience and I am trying my best to keep it interesting! Once I get to the field it is going to be so much fun! Having a great time here but I am ready to move on. Memories from the week: 

Aug 17: I finally got my mission haircut on this day, and to say the least it was nothing short of atrocious hahahaha There were two haircut ladies and one of them was really good and the other was terrible hahaha and when the lady who was good at giving haircuts finished my companions she had to leave so i got stuck with the other lady. My hair has never been so short but hey....Memories!! 

Aug 18: We received chips and queso in a package from multiple sources (including mama, LOVE U) and we decided to get very innovative with making the queso for delicious. Therefore we used the iron to heat up the prime..

Aug 19: within the last few days in the MTC it is very hard to stay focused and to contineously work hard, but my companions and I made a pact that we would consecrate  this remaining time we have hear to the people we will be teaching. Btw teaching in Spanish has become to easy and fluent for me it is amazing. Cant thank the Lord enough for helping me, however, i still have a lot more to go!

Aug 20: The food here is.....lets just say very....unique.....and then a mircale happened! Our teacher Hermano Celis bought us all churros and in my journal i wrote: "Hermano Celis personally provided my most spiritual experience of the week: devouring, yet enjoying, the perfect sugar coated crisp feeling bread stick thingy from the Celestial Food Court".

Aug 21:   So today i was told that i would be receiving ANOTHER NEW COMPANION. His name is Elder Morris and he was supposed to leave this week for Lima Peru but he got his appendix taken out last week so he has to stay another week (just wait there is a twist) 

Aug 22: A few things, so Elder Morris came in and then announced that he wasnt my companion anymore, but he was to be Elder Wenglers, one of the Elders in my trio, so NOW Elder Orgill and I are companions!!! We immediately ran out of the classroom and did this absurd celebration in the hallways in front of a ton of people....doesn't seem that exciting but let me tell ya Elder Orgill is probably my best friend here ahahaha. Also i decided to bring my Hawaiian Lava Lava on the mish and everyone loves it. Gotta keep it Wade style

Aug 23: Two things!!!! I saw Elder Birgham Dayton from Mesa on his first day and i will be with him for his first week!!! gave each other the biggest hug hahahaha great guy. He will be a stud missionary! and also I taught the First Vision for the first time today for Hermano Celis and it was the most spiritually filled lesson Heavenly Father has bestowed me with!. I truly believe that Joseph Smith was a prohpet of God, and that through him the fulness of the everlasting gospel was restored to the Earth! 

Aug 24: Today has been incredibly rough. Last night I was super sick and caught some type of virus. Pretty sure I have lost 10 pounds just from last week here in Mexico and it happened to me. It is very common here, but  this is the first time i have been this sick in probably 6 years. But I know that when I overcome this challenge the Lord will bless me! Elder Vellinga (District Leader and is going to my mission) gave me a blessing today as well. Twas a good experience.

Now I just want to end my LAST MTC email with my excitement about 1. Having the opporutnity to come back to the US 2. Sharing the Gospel with other people. I know that through this Gospel you can be most happy in this life. Even though it is difficult to continue to strive to be like Jesus Christ, it is the best thing we can do. And i know serving a mission is the best thing I can do, and others of course!!!! Love yall and I keep all of you in my prayers!!!

Scripture: Alma Chapter 32

Challenge: Pray always, for everything and for everyone, every day and build a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Prayer is the best way we can get to know the One who loves us MOST!

Hasta Luego y Buena Suerte durante sus semanas!!! 


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