Thursday, March 9, 2017


Well. My companion Elder Fausett went home this past week after being
out for a week. I must be a terrible companion lolol. He felt he
needed to resolve some things and will be serving a service mission in
Salt Lake. Love him and am proud of him! My new companion, Elder
Hammond, has been out for almost 3 months total but I will be
finishing his training! He is from Centerville, UT and got emergency
transferred from being in a Trio with the zone leaders in Johnson

Tuesday: Interviews with President were today. Interviews aren't my
most favorite thing in the world because I feel there's always so much
I'd like to talk about but there's such little time. These last
anywhere from 5-10 minutes. A bit later found out that Elder Fausett
had expressed his desire to go home so I took him out to dinner after
all of that and had a good talk. We worked really hard his last day
and met a lot of potential.

Wednesday: we had a fantastic Zone meeting here in the Cumberland
Zone. We have about 20-30 missionaries in this zone! A lot of familiar
faces. 3 missionaries from my very first District are here which
brought peace to my soul haha! Afterwards we had a District Leader
Training meeting in which I learned SO MUCH!! Set the stage for me and
I'm excited to become better and better and what I've been called to
do. Went to Knoxville and dropped off Fausett and chilled with the
Griffins. Ciao buddy

Thursday: Spent the night at the Party Shack (massive apartment for
the ZLs). History has gone down there. We went to Knoxville again and
picked up Elder Hammond! He's a cool guy. Basically already trained so
not much to clean up. It first taste in the area couldn't have gone
any better. We helped move in a lady to her apartment, taught a
part-member family, and had an unbelievable dinner with some members!

Friday: Finding all day everyday. Had to start clearing out the area
Book so we did just that. Met so many people in their homes, the
streets, everywhere we went. Pretty awesome day just from that.
Visited some members and asked for referrals. The members here aren't
very Missionary minded so we will help motivate them to be looking for
those everyday opportunities.

Saturday: Cool Story. Last night we were knocking doors to try to
contact a less active and we heard this lady yelling at her kids
through a screen door. I turned to Hammond and said "this lady needs
the Gospel". We talked to her for a bit and set a return
appointmentfor 12 PM today. She mentioned she knew Brother Duke in our
ward so this morning we called him and asked him to come with us. He
said he was literally going over to her house that day at 12 PM to
deliver a washing machine and was looking for helpers!! Helped deliver
that and also this past Thursday the members were talking to this lady
at a dance class for all their kids and she acknowledged that
missionaries had never been to her house! And there we came and she
took that as a "sign". Her name is Jacqueline and is a single mom with
3 kids!!

Sunday: couple less Actives came to church! The ward is getting more
and more excited about the work and people are signing up to feed us
and giving us things to do!! Which we are doing and following up with

The past month and a half of my mission has been an abolsare ride. So
many changes and new opportunities it has been challenging. But I find
strength and patience in the Lord and know that if we keep working
hard and doing what is right the Lord will help and bless us. As it is
for all of you!!:) thanks for the prayers and notifications of your
lives. Freakin love it. Love you all:)

PS: thanks for going on a million vacations since I've been gone Fam lol

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