Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Whaaaaa suuuhhhhh qué pasa familia y todos esta semana fue un poco más
mejor de la u,tima semana!!! Title means "Carry on (x3)". Today once
again was another one of those weeks where your faith is tested and we
are digging deep in the trenches! We have done a lot of finding again
which is yielding slight results.....but the Lord once again has
reqearded us with some tender mercies:)

PDAY: took the W in two games of bowling (my practice in college paid off)

Tuesday: Went on my first D-Leader companion exchange with Elder
Peterson who is a greenie (new Missionary). We spent the day in my
area and he initially said that he wanted to learn how to be better
conversational wise when it came to being in public and door
approaches. Did just that!! We went out and got like 6 new
investigators up in Oliver Springs! Poor guy forgot all of his
hygienic stuff for spending the night hahaha.

Wednesday: D-Meeting I gave a training on our own personal visions and
how we are all personally responsible for who we are and what we will
become. Invited everyone to set their vision on Jesus Christ.
Also..,,there's a fast food restaurant here called Krystal's. How the
place has passed health inspections I'm not sure but my ZL Elder Nish
though it would be a good idea to eat lunch there...we were all cashed

Thursday: update on Brenden Thompson. He basically dropped us but said
he wants to pray and ponder over the things we have taught him before
he meets with us again. We met some of the most interesting people
I've ever met on my mission today. It ranged from crazy high school
chicks to Street prophets to people who believed that the Bible is
just coded for Quantum Physics... yea I love the South hahaha

Friday: we got chapped all day today but an interesting enough was we
ran into a Jehovah's Witness who attempted to give us their doctrine
in Pamphlets. I really wanted one but when I offered that I would take
one if she would take one of ours she refused so that was odd.

Saturday: chapped again. However coolest experience from the day was
knocking on a door and immediately this dude wasn't interested but we
saw him playing video games (Destiny) and let us in. I always love how
changing the subject to something else completely can allow you to
have opportunities to share the Gospel. Just from that little tactic
we basically shared the whole Plan of Salvation.

Sunday: Jacqueline Griffis and here whole family of 3 kids (Alysha 15,
Ian 9, and Adleyn 8) came to church today and they really really
enjoyed it. We then had lunch at a Members house with all of the and
taught the Plan of Salvation. It was a really long lesson and we
invited her to be baptized but she is still hesitant which is totally
understandable (standing in her shoes). They have so much potential we
just need to continue to lay some ground work:)

Scripture of the Week: Mark 4: 35-41

Another week for all of us to continue to prove and build our faith in
what we know to be right! I know this Gospel is true and I know that
there is a lot of things to learn every single day p, especially when
we experience trials:) the key is finding joy in the journey. Love

Elder Mac

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