Thursday, March 9, 2017


First off I want to give my cousin EMILY WADE a shout out for her marriage coming up this weekend!! Love ya!!! 

This week I just wanted to hit up the highlights of the week primarily! Nothing too crazy! 

Update on the Area: it is pretty slow. We do not have anybody really solid in this place. We are continuously trying to find people. The west side of Oak Ridge is our primarily area but we haven't had much success there. We are moving up to Oliver Springs to do some finding! 

The Ward: the Ward for the majority is super old. Not a whole lot of "missionary minded" members but that is alright. There are some great people here that provide some enjoyable company! We are working to try to allow the members to have more missionary opportunities. 

The Companion: we are getting along and working hard. As everyone knows it can be tough to be around the same person 24/7 but we making it work haha. We work hard together and have a desire to progress. Still trying to figure out how we can make this area take off! It is coming! 

Coolest investigator: his name is Brenden Thompson and is like 25 years old. He lives like 5 minutes from the church and actually came to Sacrament meeting this week! We haven't invited him to be baptized yet but we are in the process! He's a very interesting guy and also works at Walmart so we see him like every time we pass by! 

Funny Story: did the Cinnamon Challenge for the first time (see video tho)

This week has been an absolute ride and there is so much work to do. We will continue to do so and to keep our eyes open for any opportunities we will have. Love the work! I love the Lord! In him I find strength! Have an awesome week! 

Elder Mac 

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