Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Goooodddd week out here in good ole Shiverpool! Introductory wise I'd
like to publicly give a shout out to my new baby cousin SPENCER DAVID
WADEπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ love yunzzzzz

PDAY today we went long boarding down the hills of West Outer Drive
right here in Oak Ridge wooooooooooo!

Tuesday: gotta today was close to the highlight of the week. We did a
power-up exchange with the Zone Leaders so basically had 4 Elders
working one area! I went with Elder Gubeli and we had a ton of success
throughout the day. Gubs is unbelievably energetic so it was nice to
be around him haha. It also started to snow and rain throughout the
day but cleared up into this beautiful fog. Tennessee weather is
incredibly bipolar I love it! We spent the night at there apartment
called the "Party Shack". Hardddd didn't sleep haha

Wednesday: D-Meetinggggg went well we are working to help the Stake
achieve goals of getting members to share the Gospel. Later in the
evenings met with Bishop Montierth and got a list of members that he
doesn't know and are working on finding all of those lost souls

Thursday: Service alllllll day baby. Science Museum and helping
members build chicken coops. Good ole south!!!! The American Museum of
Science and Energy is actually extremely legit so it's fun to be

Friday: we had a lesson where we sat down with two teenage girls who
are struggling to even identify the concept of having a loving Father
in Heaven. Now I know how it feels to serve in Asia I guess. One girl
was some sort of Pagan and the other made up her own religion. It was
really interesting to sit with them and see their background and
beliefs and how they've been influenced into their beliefs.

Saturday: Highlight of the day was the Adult session of stake
conference. We got to see a ton of other missionaries there and also
got to feel the Spirit from the speakers present. It was nice to have
that upliftment.

Sunday: we had that Brenden Thompson guy text us randomly last night
that he was going to be coming to church!!! Miracle of the week for
sure. We thought he had dropped us but decided to make a return after
his own personal contemplation of wanting to continue with us. We are
going to help him move this week!

Gotta make this quick because I have no more time love yunz!!!!!

Elder Macdonald

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